Drew Sterchi & Blues Tribe


Unum Stage 

June 14, 2013 at 10:15 PM

Artist Bio

A native of Tennessee, Drew Sterchi started playing guitar at the age of 14, doing covers of Steppenwolf, Stones , Doors & Kinks. As every true, life-long musician will admit, there comes a moment that not only changes your playing, but the direction of your life. That epiphany came to Drew when he heard Chicago blues Icon Michael Bloomfield’s blistering solo on the song “Texas” from the Electric Flag album “Long Time Comin’ “. “After that day, all my playing started tilting toward a more expressive blues style.”

While opening for acts like Johnny Winter, Bonnie Bramblett, Sea Level & Dr. John, Drew got busy honing his unique style of the blues. While his confidence soared on the fretboard , Drew started experimenting with an old jazz device called “scat singing”, singing random syllables in unison with an instrument. He would add this to some of his extended solos & it helped define his evolving musical identity. While most Blue-Eyed Blues singers emulated their idols down to the note, Drew only borrowed what he needed to form his vocal style…a distinct blend of Blues & Rock. As if this wasn’t enough to set him apart from most guitar slingers, his physical presence on stage helped demand attention with a ’59 Sun Burst Les Paul strapped on his 6’4″ frame and waist length hair.

After touring with a 3 piece ensemble for 2 years between Miami & Montreal, Drew moved to Georgia. He formed a band with his brother David and started a successful construction business. This time he focused on writing & recording. Although it kept him satisfied for a while, the urge to do more began to move in him again.   Drew’s latest effort, “Left Here with the Blues”, is a collection of material that speaks of his own history. 


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