Twelve Gauge Persuaders





The Twelve Gauge Persuaders are the gloriously twisted, rip-snortin' Americana collaboration of Greg Bauman (lead guitar, volcals), Scott Stambaugh (rhythm guitar, vocals), Jack Archdeacon (bass, vocals), and Jay Neel (drums).

Both gifted songwriters, Bauman and Stambaugh's original songs are witty, rockin', introspective, often twisted, and sometimes heartbreakingly poignant. Archdeacon is really really old, which is to say he has eons of experience bringing the bottom to everything from blues and jazz, to rock and country, and Neel is a demented little metronome of a man with a motor that swings and boogies.

In addition to their seemingly endless repertoire of stunning originals, tasty covers from band favorites like Ray Wylie Hubbard, Hayes Carll, and James McMurtry offer the Persuaders the opportunity to pay tribute to their spiritual mentors.

The Twelve Gauge Persuaders could get the dead to dance, and just because they are far too gentlemanly to suggest the ladies throw their undergarments, there is no doubt they deserve them.


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