DMR Adventures Standby Policy

If you’d like to buy tickets for our sold out performance, you can join the standby line, which will begin no earlier than 45 minutes before show time. Unclaimed tickets will begin to be released 5 minutes before the show begins. Anyone wishing to buy unclaimed tickets MUST stay physically in line, and no single person may buy more than 2 tickets. There will be no list in writing and it will be impossible to get tickets for the sold out performance more than 5 minutes before the show begins. Being in the standby line does not guarantee you will get a ticket, but we will do our best to accommodate as many people as possible.

Welcome to the Belmont Arts Collaborative

Next at the Belmont Arts Collaborative

We are so excited about the upcoming events and classes at the BAC! Click the following links for information on educational programming: DanceFitThe Actor's Training Studio with Jon Emm, and DMR Adventures.

April, 2019

  • Magic Tree House: Pirates Past Noon KIDS, directed by Wesley Diener produced by DMR Adventures (April 13-20), produced by DMR Adventures
  • Free Community Dance Classes with Broadway Performer (April 15 -- info TBA)
  • DMR Junior Stars Showcase (April 27)