Calling all BAC Believers!



With live performances on hold at Belmont Arts Collaborative, we are all a critical part of making sure the BAC can open its doors in the future! Help us by doing the following:






  1. Tell us what makes YOU a BAC Believer.  

    1. Click here to fill out this form to provide a written or video testimonial

    2. Participate in our Rock-Paint-a-Thon 

      1. Become a donor by clicking here and support our volunteer painters and the BAC

      2. Become a painter
        1. Click on this link to register​

        2. Click here to sign up to pick up your rocks

  2. Purchase a ticket to the BAC "Rock" Concert, airing live at 7PM on Sept. 12 (video available after the performance for those not able to watch the livestream event).

  3. Donated directly to the BAC at this link. A generous donor has agreed to match up to $4,000.




Continued donations may be made on our website or by mail (221 Carlton Road, Suite 3, Charlottesville, VA 22902)


Watch the video below to find out more abou the #BACBeliever campaign!



Please read this letter from the Board of Directors of the Belmont Arts Collaborative


Dear Friend of the Belmont Arts Collaborative,



In the teeth of the COVID-19 pandemic, we know you are receiving appeals daily, and they come in all forms – mail, email, online, and on TV. Because you have shared artistic experiences with us at the Belmont Arts Collaborative, we hope you’ll read on, and perhaps, include us in your personal effort to help Charlottesville survive and thrive.


The BAC has a unique place in the Charlottesville arts community.  Our motto, “Charlottesville’s Space To Create” defines who we are and what we offer.  We are the place where individual artists and small arts organizations can create and share their art. Our commitment to maintaining and providing affordable rehearsal and performance facilities for artists who don’t have their own home means that we get to support and share art that might otherwise never see the light of day. New plays, new performers, new dances – we are the incubator of new art and we are needed in our city.


We’re not fancy. Our black box theater isn’t fitted with elaborate lighting or sound systems. Our rehearsal spaces are a bit spartan. Our front-of-house facilities aren’t elaborate. But none of that matters when we work together in a rehearsal studio to make something beautiful and inspiring. None of that matters when we sit in our darkened theater together and experience something that’s never happened before, something that makes us laugh, or cry, or think, or take action. We offer experiences that make us better than we were. We’re not fancy, but we are needed in our city.


Like many, if not most, of the arts organizations around the world, the BAC is a potential casualty of the economic crises precipitated by the pandemic. Even though we are not performing or rehearsing, even though we are an entirely volunteer organization with no staff payroll, we still have to pay rent and utilities while we’re shut down. Because of our commitment to serve the entire arts community by keeping the rental rates for our facilities as low as possible, we always operate on a razor-thin edge between financial solvency and closing our doors. And so, we add our request to the many already out there. If you value what we do, if your means allow, please make a tax-deductible contribution to the BAC now.


If you can, please donate by regular mail. This will eliminate the costs of online processing and ensure that every cent of your contribution is spent to keep the BAC alive. Our mailing address is 221 Carlton Rd. Suite 3, Charlottesville, VA 22902.


Thank you. We look forward to seeing you when the lights come on in our space again.



The Board of Directors

Belmont Arts Collaborative