What others are saying about BAC:
"Belmont Arts Collaborative is important to our community because it offers a space of artistic expression for the creative groups in Charlottesville that aren't fiscally capable of having their own brick and mortar building. Recently, I had the opportunity to work as a stage manager for Phoenix Theatre Works on their debut production. BAC made it possible for Phoenix Theatre Works to begin, and that is the type of opportunity available to all artists in Charlottesville, and I look forward to the next opportunity I have to create there."
— Gabby Lossia

"Theater is the safest and most comforting setting possible, and yet, you are constantly pushed and challenged to be a better you."
— Greyson Taylor,  Member of DMR Youth Leadership Program, Leader of DMajoR and Gleeked Out

“The Belmont Arts Collaborative is a fabulous idea that came along at just the right time! My group, the Charlottesville Playwrights Collective, recently formed to produce full-length plays written by local authors. We successfully brought together most of the elements necessary to do just that, but we struggled to find a space. Then along came Melissa Charles. She has done remarkable work converting a warehouse into a fully functioning theater, and also helped bring creative life to a part of town that is just now getting attention from the broader community. Without the Belmont Arts Collaborative, I don’t know where we’d be, and we all look forward to an ongoing and fruitful partnership.”
— Sean McCord, Charlottesville Playwrights Collective

"Belmont Arts Collaborative is the most exciting news in the Charlottesville arts scene we've heard in years. This is a theater that is truly open to the community, a place for creative work generated in the area that's vital, original, and free. It's an opportunity and a resource for everyone!" 
-Joel Jones, co-director of Big Blue Door

"Melissa Charles is prolific in her artistry and community building. The new Belmont Arts Collaborative is yet another wonderful seed she has planted that is already touching the lives of young artists. The Center for Vocal Study regularly teaches voice lessons out of the space, providing an important   accessible space for our students. In the short time the BAC has existed we have co-hosted a student concert, we ran our 4th annual A Cappella Camp from the black box and we offered a teacher training with our guest facilitators. As a voice and choir teacher I am always looking for ways to get my students plugged into opportunities that can grow their world in positive and professional environments. I regularly refer my students to programs with Melissa and the Belmont Arts Collaborative now provides much needed access to space for continuing collaborations."
-Heather Hightower, Center for Vocal Studies