Working together, Doodle Dog Graphics and CM Performing Arts will be creating Playbills for The Noel S. Ruiz Theatre. The Playbills will be available in print at the theatre and online via our "Virtual Playbill" page under "The Noel S. Ruiz Theatre" drop down list.


Advertise for a whole Season & Save up to $100!

A Season has FOUR different Main Stage Productions over the duration of SIX MONTHS, yielding 10,000 Playbills. Each Production has its own Playbill and is easily accessible online.



  • 2,500 Playbills printer per production & 10,000 per Season.
  • 83,000 Hits on the Website Annually where your Ad will appear in a Virtual Playbill as well as your company listed below on this page.
  • Digital page turning Playbills online through CM Performing Arts AND Doodle Dog Graphics
  • Over 6,500 Followers on Social Media Outlets. All Advertisers get a Social Media Shoutout per Production.
  • As a Bonus, you will recieve TWO FREE TICKETS to the Opening Night of each production, which includes a Wine & Cheese Reception. These Tickets are non-transferable and are a Thank You to you as an advertiser. These Opening Night Receptions are a great way to Network with the other Advertisers as well as get potential Business Leads in real time!
  • With a FULL PAGE advertisement, you will recieve TWO FREE TICKETS to each production you advertise with. These Tickets can be tranfered and are great for Employee Incentives, Client Gifts & More.


Playbill Rates

Advertisement Rates per Production:

Quarter Page - $55

Half Page - $90

Full Page - $145


Advertising Rates Per Entire Season


Quarter Page Ad (Six Months of Advertising) = $30 a Month ($180 Total, Savings of $40 PLUS 8 Free Tickets)


Half Page Ad (Six Months of Advertising) = $48 a Month ($288 Total, Savings of $72 PLUS 8 Free Tickets)


Full Page Ad (Six Months of Advertising) = $80 a Month ($480 Total, Savings of $100 PLUS 16 Free Tickets)


For More Information about Playbill Advertising, Please Contact:

Frank Giaquinto - Doodle Dog Graphics - 631-224-5914

Kate Arso - CM Performing Arts - 631-218-2810 ext 25


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