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The 2021 Lent Season will mark our 34th year of presenting.


Journey, Cross & Crucifixion is a live dramatic presentation of the Stations of the Cross. Join us as we experience the trial of Jesus, his Journey through the streets of Jerusalem, carrying the burden of the Cross, and the final moments of the Crucifixion.


The music, narration, dialogue and poignant silences all add to the power of this prayerful meditation. To be part of The Journey, Cross & Crucifixion is to experience the complete and utter frustration and devastation of Mary, the frustration of Simon, the loneliness and desolation of John, Pilate’s struggle between justice and expediency, the excruciating pain and degradation Jesus suffered on the way to Calvary and His ultimate death on the Cross.


For over thirty years, our troupes of volunteer actors, singers and musicians, use their gifts to bring the Passion Story to life. CM Troupes have been presenting this powerful Journey to churches and schools throughout Long Island, leading people of all ages in a powerful, prayerful Lenten experience. 


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