LITTLE MISS NASTY - Rock And Roll Burlesque For The 21st Century

Straight from Los Angeles, California - Rock And Roll Burlesque Show LITTLE MISS NASTY has planted its devilish seed into Sin City declaring itself the "Sexiest and Edgiest thing that Las Vegas has ever seen!"

LITTLE MISS NASTY is a two-part show complete with heart racing and head banging action. A fully choreographed production with a ton of unexpected surprises. Audience members are always given special attention with interactive, immersive performances popping up all over the showroom at any given time and place.

The LITTLE MISS NASTY experience is a wildly charged up journey through Sex, Dance and Rock and Roll. LMN takes you to the fun and familiar as well as to the dark and mysterious corners of Rock and Roll. The show is set to an unbeatable music backdrop that includes songs from Led Zeppelin, Marilyn Manson, Korn, Iggy Pop, Nine Inch Nails, Pantera, Rob Zombie, Rage Against The Machine, The Runaways and many other cutting-edge classics. The LITTLE MISS NASTY show is fully stocked with a live concert inspired lighting and visuals, beautiful, scantily clad women complete with tantalizing costume changes.


Check out the Little Miss Nasty website for more information, videos and photos of the show.