Welcome to the Al. Ringling Theatre

America's Prettiest Playhouse

Al. Ringling Family and Friends,


We want to thank you for your unwavering support during these difficult times. We understand and have experienced first hand the stress, confusion and turmoil our community has faced these last few months. And still we remain standing tall and that has everything to do with you.


As we undergo yet another change with the Stay at Home Order no longer in effect, there is question as to what’s next for America’s Prettiest Playhouse. Being a building that seats over 700 guests, it’s a challenge to say what is the right decision. And the truth is, there is no right or wrong decision in these unprecedented times. We must go by what we know. We know that we need to keep our staff, patrons and community safe and healthy by doing our part. And after much heartfelt discussion, we have made the decision to remain closed for the rest of the summer. This was not a choice made lightly.


As the majority of our income comes from ticket sales, we humbly ask that if you’re able, please donate to the theatre so that we may continue our operations and be ready to reopen the doors again when we can. In the meantime, we will be continuing to work towards reopening. We’ve been completing some much needed repairs and sprucing the place up.


Don’t think this is the last you’ll see of the Al this summer. We have lots of tricks up our sleeves that we’re so excited to share with you. Be sure to keep a close eye!


Again, thank you for your never ending support and love of Al. Ringling Theatre.


We will be seeing you soon,


Al. Ringling Board and Staff

We're so glad that you're keeping an eye on our website!

Al. Ringling Theatre is a historic community space shared and loved by all. Right now, the Al's future is uncertain due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We know that the support and commitment of our community is strong. We know how difficult of a time this is for everyone. If making a donation is something you are able to do at this time, it would be hugely appreciated. Thank you for your years of support and love of this beautiful building!