Director Karen Finn has announced the cast:

Cinderella - Mia Velsasquez 
Stepmother - Grace Douglas 
Anastasia - Emma Kyler
Drizella - Ava Boedicker 
Fairy Godmother - Catherine Myers 
Prince - Elijah White 
King - Carson Caprella 
Grand Duke - Nick Patton 
Herald - Jameson Emerick 
Mouse (Gus) - Lily Whitaker
Mouse (Perla) - Alliece Kellermeyer 
Mouse - Kaitlyn Carroll 
Mouse (Luke) - Jaina Morales
Mouse (Jaq) - Railee Ronshausen 
Mouse (Suzy) - Lydia Plaugher 
Mouse - Kyndal Cooper 
Ensemble - Evan Large
Ensemble - Mykiah Kellermeyer
Ensemble - Kyra Lee
Ensemble - Tia Ward
Ensemble - Sienna Stokes
Ensemble - Rachel Duncan
Ensemble - Sabrie Bodden
Ensemble - Emalee Cunningham
Ensemble - Sarayi Morales
Ensemble - Amilliana Roach

All tickets $10.00 (ages 10 and under $5.00) Box Office opens to the general public on Monday, October 9, 2017.Buy tickets online (for a fee), call 419-223-8866, or at the Box Office. Box Office hours are for the show are 3pm-7pm weekdays and one hour before the performances.