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Redwood City, CA 94063

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Production Manager & Chief Audio Engineer: Randall Keen rainrand@hotmail.com

Please forward all Production Information, Artist's Stage Plots, Input lists, Back Line, and Technical specifications directly to the Production Manager.
Main Club
Capacity is 142 persons dining table seated.
We have reserved/ticket table seating and/or a dance floor depending on the particular show.
The stage is carpeted. Dimensions: 29'W x 10'D x 15"H.
There is a Riser that is fastened on to the wall which is lowered mechanically from behind the curtains, 3 sections of 4’ x10’ (total 12’ x 10’) and is designed for dancers (flamenco, tap etc.)  The main curtain is grey and bi-parting. Over stage lighting trusses are approx. 14' high.
Dressing Rooms
There one private green room.
Bell Stage Main
20 channels of Audio for all Entertainers. FOH speakers (JBL 712's -4 of them are hung ... there are also 5 JBL C-25AV Zone Delay speakers throughout the room.
Reverb, Delay, Flanging and Compression for all 20 channels.
10 Microphones are Shure 57's and 58's and one SM 86 Shure Vocal Condenser, we have 3 direct boxes. The Grand Piano is mic'd with a Country-Man ISO.
3 Monitor Floor Wedges with 3 separate mixes that are 1-15" and a driver/horn that are of high quality (JBL 712 wedges with JBL components).
3 discrete mixes are available for the 3 wedges.
There are 5 trusses ... one front, one rear, one left and one right. The front truss of the previous four has 3 LED boxes; all other trusses have 2 Led boxes. Each box is capable of 5 colors, amber, red, blue, white and green. The sides are wired together and operate as if one box. The other trusses operate in the same way only individually. There is no aiming is possible with any lights ... mixing and brightness are the operable parameters.  The fifth truss is approximately 15' in front of the stage and has 8 - 500 watt Par Cans ... 2 for Center Down as a special mix of white and pink. The other 6 Cans cover left, right, center, up and down ... the colors and aiming are fixed.  The console is a NSI   MC 7024 with an "x" and "y" scene fader configuration ... it currently is used as a 48 channel desk.
Projector & Screen
92570-Black        Da-Lite - 137" Diag. 84x108 Cosmopolitan Electrol Projector Screen, Square Format, H.C. Matte White Fabric
Hitachi CP-X5022KN XGA Projector
 5000 lumens 3000:1 Contrast ratio 1024 X 768 installed video input HDMI or BLU/RAY player. Audio available through HDMI  or RCA.
Bell Two Room
 2 - JBL EON 10 FOH Speakers
6 channel powered Carvinstereo amp mixer with 2 channels accepting stereo rca in's
All channels accept 1/4" and xlr in's
3 way fixed EQ on Mixer
7 band graphic on mixer for FOH
FX send to internal digital verb, chorus, flanging ... u can patch ur own fx
Amp can run mono for house or one side for FOH and the other side for monitors ... patch is 1/4", we have no wedges.
CD Player
3 -  Shure 58 mic's with 20' cable and booms


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