Artisan Center Theater is looking for HAIR AND MAKEUP DESIGNERS. 

This is a stipend position to the right candidate.


Job Summary: The Hair and Makeup Designer is responsiblie for collaborating with the producers, director, and other designers to create the way the show looks. As hair and makeup designer, you must be very creative and well-versed in different techniques and styles. You should be talented at sketching and see creating hair and makeup as an art. Collaborating closely with a multi-disciplinary team to create the best visual effect is what we’ll expect from you. The primary objective is to create the right atmosphere, through design that indicate time of day and location, reinforce the overall style of the production, and help tell the story.​


General Responsibilities:​

  • Designer agrees to schedule adequate time with the Director for design execution; work within the existing inventories/restrictions of Artisan.

  • Making a design plot for the entire show and for the individual parts

  • Do research on the time period/style of show so as to be as accurate as possible 

  • Working with the Director on the design style (period) and color palette appropriate for the show 

  • Will have examples of designs (either through pictures or hand drawn renderings) and approximate costs for each character 

  • Purchasing materials 

  • Working with a crew of volunteers to, overseeing the design completion in a timely manner

  • Having predetermined designs ready for publicity shots 

  • Having designs ready for Costume Parade to be determined by the Director 

  • Keep all expenses within budget and return in receipts promptly to the production manager.

  • Check Rehearsal and Production Reports 

  • Attend strike. Organize and Launder all costumes. Following strike, return all borrowed items in original condition.​

  • Be familiar with safe operating procedures of working with design equipment.

  • Demonstrate professional behavior and respect for others at all times.

  • Attend all production meetings, technical, and dress rehearsals.

  • Report all incidents and emergencies to Artisan staff.

  • Communicate and enforce Texas Code of Conduct. No use of alcohol or illegal substances is allowed in and around Artisan Center Theater.


Abilities and Qualifications:

  • Collaborative, inventive, proactive, able to process opinions and feedback from multiple listeners, and multi-taskers.

  • Ability to work alongside and serve as a member for the production staff

  • Possess a well-spoken manner in personal communications

  • Self-motivation and attention to details

  • Flexibility to work around Artisan performing hours

  • Be detail oriented and have excellent communication skills

  • Ability to adapt to a changing environment

  • Make good use of time and able to meet deadlines

  • Positive can-do attitude

  • Is a team player

  • Has personal and professional integrity and an exemplary work ethic—is a leader

  • Working knowledge of professional theatre producing practices 

  • Proficient in programs including but not limited to: Excel, Word, and Google Drive.​

  • Work schedule varies and includes evening and weekend hours.


Please send cover letter, resume, and interview request to:

Natalie Burkhart: