"Musical Director Richard Gwozdz works miracles with the cast and the pre-recorded soundtrack so that the theater is filled with music. The singing is sensational." Mark-Brian Sonna – Associate Critic for John Garcia's THE COLUMN

"This afternoon's performance was fabulous! My favorite show at your theater. The actor and actress in the two lead roles were sooooo amazing, what talent! The Artisan attracts very talented people. I could go on and on about this show! Already renewed my season tickets!" Ray and Gloria

"The best review I can give is my record of attendance. I've seen PHANTOM three times (so far): Final dress rehearsal, one night after volunteering, and last night as a ticket holder with a guest. I plan one more volunteer night (16th) and a ticket holder with a guest again on the 21st."

"Would anyone attend a play FIVE times if that person did not love the story, the set, and the MAGNIFICENT talent on display? I think not. Thanks for excellence." Jay

"Phantom! Was awesome. The story is easier to follow than Webber’s Phantom of the Opera.  I’m going to get the book and see what the real story is!" Woody

"Our daughter joined us for Phantom yesterday and all three of us were really impressed.  The show was great.  The voices were amazing.  Thanks for all your hard work." Jane and Arlis

"It was the most amazing production I've seen in at the Artisan.  I was aware the story would be different yet the same haunting backdrop of the Paris theater. I brought three friends and we all agreed that a chandelier would have added to the ambiance of the Paris theater. The vocals were supurb. And the ending with his mother holding out her arms to receive her son was the perfect touch. Thank you for "family" theater!" Laural

"Yes, the set was fabulous!! It look authentic! I could feel as though I was at a concert. The production was wonderful and the casting was spot on! I really enjoyed the music and the acting was professional." Phil

"Another great performance, well cast and excellent set. Your crew always does an amazing job to add to our enjoyment. All-powerful voices and a very enjoyable. Congrats on 15 years and best wishes on the fund raising!" Marcia