Artisan Center Theater is looking for a PRODUCTION MANAGER.

This is a salary position to the right candidate. 


Job Summary: The Production Manager has primary responsibility for scheduling, budgeting, contracting and execution of all aspects of physical production including: scenery, lights, costumes, props, painting, sound and projections for all productions, workshops, readings, rentals and events. This position is to oversee and guide the costume and prop designers, recruit/train/orient stage managers, sound board operators, and backstage crew. This position will work directly with the Artistic Director and liaise with the Technical Director on production related matters. 


Production Manager Responsibilities:



  • Assist the TD  in the development, preparation and control of production budgets and expense reports and and the allocation of resources therein (including some facilities and artistic). 

  • The Production Manager will keep the Producer apprised of the status of the Production budget on a regular basis; overall expenses may not go over budget without approval of the Artistic Director and/or Producer. 

  • Adapt and maintain a production expense report in cooperation with the TD for all shows.

  • Prepare and send production invoices to EP, AP and Operations. 

  • Process, track and reconcile all production department accounts payable and overhire/seasonal employee payroll.

  • Realizes the visions of the producer and the director within constraints of technical and/ or financial possibility.​




  • Create and maintain database for auditionees, actors, crew/production technicians and artisans.  

  • Develop working relationships with area designers, production managers, technicians, and actively scout new talent including actors.

  • Recruit, hire, train and supervise, in consultation with the Artistic and/or Producer (when appropriate), all production staff and contractors including but not limited to: designers (scenic, lighting, costumes, props, projectionists and sound), technical staff (load-in/strike crew, electricians, carpenters, painters, sound engineers, spot operators, wardrobe personnel and running crew) stage managers, production assistants and any additional personnel required for specific production needs for events and performances presented at the facility or offsite and contracts/books them well in advance of production dates.




  • In collaboration with Artisan Staff, develop season schedule for all Main Stage, Second Stage and expanded programming (rentals, special events, guest productions, co-productions and presented programming).

  • Develop and administer production calendars and design deadlines for each production as necessary, utilizing Google Calendars and Google Drives. 

  • Prepare theater production timeline – schedule a timetable for all production related operations including stage manager, costumers, tech operators, prop designers, rehearsals, publicity shots, printing deadlines, etc. 

  • In cooperation with the TD, determine load-in, tech and strike schedules for all programming as necessary.

  • Schedule all design and production meetings with creatives and stage management - lead production meetings and attend all technical and dress rehearsals.

  • Schedule all offsite booking of studios and onsite availability for auditions and rehearsals.




  • Facilitate clear communications throughout the production process and act as a liaison between directors, designers, stage managers, production personnel and administrative staff. Included but not limited to: Attending first read through (if possible), designer run, technical rehearsals and previews as necessary.

  • Maintain department contact information and show rosters of all production personnel.

  • Attend meetings and actively represent Artisan and its constituents during special events and gatherings, as well as local and national production-related relationships.

  • Attend Producer’s Preview with EP and AP, take notes as needed to help with perfecting of production then meet with EP, AP and Director to go over notes and implementation. 




  • In cooperation with the EP, see that music tracks, scripts, piano scores and other materials are prepared for appropriate production people and cast. 

  • As necessary, support productions with hands-on projects including (but not limited to) special effects, video and projections, assisting with stage work, purchasing, sourcing and researching materials and techniques. 

  • Maintain a safe work environment at all times. Address safety hazards with appropriate personnel promptly.




  • Production Manager is responsible for HR documentation for all production personnel and some artistic, including but not limited to: preparing and collecting contracts, collecting tax forms, and providing mentioned documents to company controller for final processing. 

  • Assist in the writing of policies and procedures for production including, but not limited to stage manager book, production book, etc. 

  • Create and maintain code of conduct database. 

  • Record and manage hours spent to fulfill production timeline (Salary, Hourly, and Volunteers)

  • Contribute to the total effectiveness of the organization, communicating openly, solving problems proactively, offering creative ideas and working as a positive, engaged team member

  • Demonstrate professional behavior and respect for others at all times.

  • Report all incidents and emergencies to Artisan staff.

  • Communicate and enforce Texas Code of Conduct. No use of alcohol or illegal substances is allowed in and around Artisan Center Theater.



Abilities and Qualifications:

  • Experience with a sound board and Qlab

  • Ability to work alongside and serve as a leader for the production staff

  • Possess a well-spoken manner in personal communications

  • Self-motivation and attention to details

  • Flexibility to work around Artisan performing hours

  • Be detail oriented and have excellent communication skills

  • Ability to adapt to a changing environment

  • Make good use of time and able to meet deadlines

  • Positive can-do attitude

  • Is a team player

  • Has personal and professional integrity and an exemplary work ethic—is a leader

  • Working knowledge of professional theatre producing practices 

  • Proficient in programs including but not limited to: Excel, Word, Jands Vista, Qlab, Vectorworks, and Google Drive.​

  • Work schedule varies and includes evening and weekend hours.

  • Outgoing, friendly, service minded

  • Supports Artisan’s principles and mission of high quality family friendly entertainment 

  • Good time management; excellent follow up abilities 

  • Process oriented and strong attention to detail 

  • Able to work efficiently in a fast-paced environment 

  • Ability to recruit/work with/provide leadership/train people in all aspects of the theater

  • Maintain good working relationships with staff/actors/technicians/volunteers/guests

  • Good interpersonal skills to deal effectively with all people 

  • Has initiative and is self-motivated

  • Has personal and professional integrity and an exemplary work ethic

  • Excellent organizational skills; ability to multitask, track multiple projects

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills

  • Has a positive can-do attitude and is a team player

  • Possessed of resourcefulness, tact, courtesy, integrity, good judgement 

  • Team leader and team player


Please send cover letter, resume, and interview request to:


Chris Speer -