Artisan Center Theater is looking for STAGE MANAGERS.

This is a stipend position to the right candidate.


Job Summary: Stage Manager is a key position in any successful theater production. The position has a unique function because it serves the dual function of assistant to the director and production staff during the rehearsal period and then becomes the person in charge of the production during the actual performance.


Stage Manager Responsibilities:

  • Stage Manager agrees to schedule adequate time with the Director for production execution; work within the existing inventories/restrictions of Artisan.

  • Work with the Producer, Technical Associate and Production Staff during pre-production

  • He/she should at all times deal with others with kindness, respect, and appreciation

  • He/she should attend all production meetings, rehearsals and performances

  • He/she should create and maintain show paperwork (i.e. contact sheets, conflict calendars, sign in sheets, design forms, prompt book, shift plots, etc.)

  • He/she should create and distribute daily rehearsal and production reports and maintain communication with the cast and crew throughout the run of the show

  • He/she should run all technical rehearsals

  • Set cues with Designers and Director during tech, as necessary.

  • Be familiar with safe operating procedures of working equipment.

  • He/she should maintain the quality of the show throughout performances as decided upon by the Director, Producers and Design Team and give notes where applicable

  • Manages the logistics of the artistic creation of the show and the production staff

  • Runs the show and oversees the cast and crew during the run of the show

  • There will be other duties as assigned by Director

  • That Artisan requires a W-9 form on file for contractor, along with a background check, and proof of Sexual Abuse Training within the last two years. 

  • Demonstrate professional behavior and respect for others at all times.

  • Report all incidents and emergencies to Artisan staff.

  • Communicate and enforce Texas Code of Conduct. No use of alcohol or illegal substances is allowed in and around Artisan Center Theater.


Abilities and Qualifications:

  • Experience with a sound board and Qlab

  • Ability to work alongside and serve as a leader for the production staff

  • Possess a well-spoken manner in personal communications

  • Self-motivation and attention to details

  • Flexibility to work around Artisan performing hours

  • Be detail oriented and have excellent communication skills

  • Ability to adapt to a changing environment

  • Make good use of time and able to meet deadlines

  • Positive can-do attitude

  • Is a team player

  • Has personal and professional integrity and an exemplary work ethic—is a leader

  • Has personal and professional integrity and an exemplary work ethic—is a leader

  • Working knowledge of professional theatre producing practices 

  • Proficient in programs including but not limited to: Excel, Word, Jands Vista, Qlab, Vectorworks, and Google Drive.​

  • Work schedule varies and includes evening and weekend hours.


Please send cover letter, resume, and interview request to:

Natalie Burkhart: