Now presenting a free, live and uncensored comedy-improv-variety show via the Zoom platform. SATURDAY NIGHT ALIVE FROM THE BUNKER runs every Saturday evening at 10:00PM until further notice - and it is recommend for mature audiences only!



Join host Skeeball Jerry (Mike Gardiner) and his friends like Pinball Josie (Danielle MacMath), Grandma (Ilana Schimmel), Uncle Rufus (Arthur Pugh), Musical Director Milton (Ben Shanblatt) and many others, along with a special musical and comedy guest each week. Other writers or cast members include: Cassandra Guglielmo, Stacy Cancelarich, Ellen Revesz, Sean Mannix, McLean Ambrogio, and Matt Okin.

Saturday nights at 10pm
Meeting ID: 890 5487 0463
SBJ SkeeBall Jerry is a noted raconteur, patriot, leper, and SkeeBall coach. A resilient survivalist, he has survived such harrowing experiences as a Turkish prison, a lecture about macroeconomics in a post-post capitalist society, and a Vietnam War... recruitment center in Albuquerque, NM. A lover of the gladiatorial sport of skeeball, he has reluctantly taken a hiatus from his usual duties, to share his survival and life tips with you for a small nominal sum of “a rim j and $17.” SkeeBall is a proud member of AEA, SackAftra, MLA, the FDA, and Mothers Against Drunk Driving. He wishes to thank his agent Gardin Michaelson, and his mama for forgetting to have that abortion. "Peas and love" —SBJ.


PinBall Josie is honored/thrilled/ecstatic/horrified to be a part of the original cast of whatever this is. Previous arcade credits include Fantasy Island Amusment Park (LBI, NJ), Jenkinson's (Point Pleasant, NJ), and Penny Arcade (Brighton, England). She is a survivor of juvenile arthritis and proud of how far her pinball fingering has come. She holds a Ph.D. in Parapsychology, MFA in Puppetry, and BA in Folklore. Special thanks to her agent, Gardin Michaelson.


SBJ Rufus Aloysius McGarner III, aka Uncle Rufus, was born in Sugartit Kentucky, exiled from the state as a teenager after being thrown out of the Boy Scouts for eating a Brownie. One time drummer for Sunstorm, a cheap ripoff of an Earth, Wind, and Fire cover band. Stepbrother of Ramsey Jonez, who is the father of Joonie Bee. Rufus is very fond of his sister-in-law Jessica. Drives for Lyft between comedy gigs.


Jooniper Beetrice Jonez is 6andahalf years old and is very excited to be staying up past her bedtime every Saturday night to hang out with her grandma, Uncle Rufus, and other friends. Her favorite color is purple. She is in first grade. Her teacher's name is Mr. Scary. Her best friend's name is Herbert and she has a dog named Tickle. Joonie would prefer it if you called her Joonie Bee instead of Joonie Beetrice, because she doesn't like Beetrice, just B and that's all :D


Jane Rugburn is truly the host with the most! Jane has hosted multiple game shows, talk shows, and peep shows worldwide. She grew up in a Psilocybin mushroom growing commune in the backwoods of Rhode Island, and at the age of 18 she left to travel the world and eventually become the Queen of the Game Show circuit that you know and love  today. Besides hosting, Jane enjoys a good bourbon, betting on the horses, and prescription painkillers.