2020 Boulder Fringe Festival | SAMPLE APPLICATION

(Please note, though, that only the submitted web form version of the application will be accepted.) 


2020 Boulder Fringe Application

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Primary Contact First Name *

Choose a Primary Contact that will be available to receive information and meet Fringe deadlines between now and September 2020. It is the Primary Contact's responsibility to communicate with the entire company, collect the box office payment and be the ONLY point of communication between the Fringe and the group.


Primary Contact Last Name *


Primary Contact Phone Number *

Please use format: xxx-xxx-xxxx


Primary Contact Email *

The Fringe communicates primarily by email so please check your email account regularly. Staying up to date on all Fringe information and requested materials is the responsibility of participating companies/artists. PLEASE make sure to add all email addresses from boulderfringe.com (i.e. info@boulderfringe.com) to your list of accepted email addresses. The Fringe is not responsible if you miss an email from us because your email program filtered us out.


Verify Email Address of Primary Contact *


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Secondary Contact First Name *

This should be your stage manager or another

reliable company member


Secondary Contact Last Name *


Secondary Contact Phone Number *

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Secondary Contact Email Address *


Company & Show Information


Company/Artist Name *

This can be changed up until June 1st when your Program Info Form is submitted.


Company/Artist Website

Please provide a link to your company website, which will be included on the Boulder Fringe Website. We would appreciate a reciprocal link to www.boulderfringe.com on your site as well.


Company/Artist Origin *

Please provide City, State/Province & Country of your company/artist's geographic origin (This may be different than your actual address).


Creator(s) *

Playwright(s)/Director(s)/Choreographer(s)/Compo ser(s)/Songwriter(s)/Artist(s). If your production is a collective creation, please identify multiple creators or, alternatively, you can use your company name. This can be changed up until June 1st when your Program Info Form is submitted.


Project's Title *

This can be changed up until June 1st when your Program Info Form is submitted.


Brief Description *

Please keep this to 20 words max- we just want to know a little bit about your project. You will have an opportunity to provide a full description (to be included in the Fringe program) as the festival gets closer.


Is this original work? * Mark only one oval.




Do you have production rights? *

It is your responsibility to obtain the rights to any work under copyright, theatrical or non-theatrical, in advance, and provide written proof of rights granted. Cancellation due to misuse or misrepresentation of performance rights will result in forfeiture of all fees.


Mark only one oval.



Working on it (You will need to submit necessary licensing with certificate to the Fringe by June 1st)

N/A (Original Work)


Do you have permission from the necessary professional associations? *

All performers and artists are required to obtain the necessary approval or releases to participate in the Fringe Festival. (Actors Equity, AFTRA, etc)


Mark only one oval.



Working on it

N/A (Original Work)


Is this a premiere? *

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Type of Project *

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Is your show appropriate for children under 12 years old? *

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If so, would you be interested in having daytime shows?

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Contact me to discuss

N/A (Not suitable for children under 12)


What Rating would you give your show? *

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G - General Audiences: All Ages Admitted

PG - Parental Guidance Suggested: Some material may not be suitable for children

PG-13 - Parents strongly cautioned: Some material may not be suitable for children under 13

R - Restricted: Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian


About how many performers are in your show? *


How much total space will you need for your show? *

Approximately how much floor space, wall space, ceiling height etc do you need.



Does your show have any special or unusual technical needs? *

Please list any special needs you may have in regards to lighting, sound, video, type of floor (dance), ceiling height, microphones and scenic elements. Be sure to list anything that will affect the choice of venue and/or enhance your production. Please be very specific with regard to what you need and what you will bring. If your needs go beyond our capabilities you will be contacted to discuss alternatives. **Please remember the Boulder Fringe DOES NOT guarantee that these tech needs can or will be met. Additionally, many venues have cement or carpeted floors. If this is a concern please contact us to discuss possibilities. Fire is not allowed. If you want to be a part of the Fringe and the use of smoke or fire is essential to your show, you will need to arrange a Site-Specific BYOV.


How many shows do you anticipate wanting to do? *

The number of shows does not affect the amount of fees required. This can be changed up until April 3rd when you submit your Technical Questionnaire.

Mark only one oval.





Do you have any unusual scheduling conflicts during the festival? If so please list below. *

If accepted you will have an opportunity to give us more detailed scheduling needs but please plan to be available for the entire 12 days from August 12– 23, 2020. If you have scheduling conflicts, be aware that those will greatly reduce your venue and show time options, and may reduce your allotted number of shows.


BYOV Only ("Bring Your Own Venue")

(Note: If you are not applying for a BYOV, scroll down to the bottom and click "Next")

Boulder Fringe will accept applications for Bring Your Own Venue (BYOV) productions for site-specific work and other rented venues (arranged by the artist/group) in the "downtown cultural corridor" in Boulder, Colorado. This is typically in the area between 2nd St and 28th St (West to East), the University of Colorado (Baseline Rd - South, and Valmont Ave/Balsam St to the North) - there may be exceptions. Past BYOV's have included Trident Cafe, Wesley Chapel, Dairy Arts Center, Boulder Parks and Open Space, Boulder Creek, Please contact info@boulderfringe.com if you have questions.


Applicants must submit a one-page project description to info@boulderfringe.com by February 17, 2020 which includes:


Your proposed venue: 


Short show description/synopsis:


Answer the question: Why this show in this particular space?


If applicable, list any other artists/companies with which you plan on sharing the space.


*** Please note that we are reviewing descriptions so that we can help you determine what is in your best interest, in terms of location. This is NOT a juried review.

*** Proposed venues should be within reasonable walking/biking/bussing distance of the main Fringe site (1237 Pine Street, Boulder CO 80302) so that audiences can easily travel between shows. We let audiences know that it should take them about 15 minutes at the most to get from venue to venue.

*** Please contact info@boulderfringe.com if you have questions about this.



We require that you schedule performances starting no earlier than 12 noon and ending by no later than 10 pm on any given day, to keep shows in the same time window for Box Office coverage. The scheduling of ALL shows begins the evening of Thursday, AUGUST 13th and runs through Sunday, AUGUST 23 - 2020 at 6pm on closing night. ALL shows must be done by 10pm from AUGUST 13-22).

BYOV applicants will be informed by February 21, 2020, if they have been accepted into the festival. You may not submit more than one BYOV application to the Boulder Fringe.

BYOV companies must provide a signed agreement with the proposed venue by May 1, 2020.

BYOV companies agree to provide Fringe Festival staff reasonable access to the venue upon request, to ensure that the venue is safe for audiences, performers and volunteers and that it meets the standards of the Boulder Fringe Festival.

It is strongly recommended that all BYOV applicants contact info@boulderfringe.com before submitting their application.


If you chose a BYOV, please provide a description of the venue you hope to use.

If you are accepted in a BYOV slot, you are responsible for securing your venue, your technician and any technical equipment your show might need. NOTE: If you’re not applying for a BYOV, just hit “Next” to move on to the next step.


Other Info


How did you find out about the Boulder International Fringe Festival?

Your answer to this question does not, in any way, affect your chances of acceptance into the festival. We just want to know how you found out about us. Please be as specific as possible.


Are you interested in being more involved with the Fringe? Please check all that apply

Check all that apply.


Board Member

Workshop Instructor

Kid-Friendly workshop or performance



If yes, please give us more details.


Acknowledgment of Fees & Policies


Application Processing Fee *

The non-refundable APPLICATION PROCESSING FEE of $45 must be paid as the last step of this application form. This fee covers administrative costs of processing applications and hosting the public lottery. Your application will not be considered valid unless this fee is paid the same day of application (THROUGH THE PAYPAL LINK PROVIDED BELOW).

Mark only one oval.


$45.00 - APPLICATION FEE - I acknowledge the Application Processing Fee that is due upon completion of this application


Listing Fee *

The LISTING FEE of $200 covers costs of being listed in the Fringe program and on the website, as well as Festival coordination and promotion. This fee will be due on February 21, 2020 along with the PRODUCTION FEE.

Mark only one oval.


$200.00 - LISTING FEE - I acknowledge the Listing Fee that is due on 2/21/20


Production Fee *

The PRODUCTION FEE covers cost of venue, box office services, venue site management, one technician, volunteer coordination and basic equipment for up to six shows. (BYOV does not include a tech manager, venue, or equipment and has a lower fee. This fee is due on February 21, 2020 along with your LISTING FEE).

Mark only one oval.


$350.00 - BYOV (Bring Your Own Venue for site-specific work) - I acknowledge that this fee must be paid on or before 2/21/20

$450.00 - SMALL VENUE (20-49 seats) - I acknowledge that this fee must be paid on or before 2/21/20

$550.00 - LARGE VENUE (50+ seats) - I acknowledge that this fee must be paid on or before 2/21/20


I understand that my show cannot exceed 60 minutes. *

Mark only one oval.


Have you Read the Artist Handbook: Policies & Procedures?

If not, please go here right away and read it thoroughly: http://boulderfringe.com/artist-handbook

I have read and understood the Artist Handbook: Policies & Procedures *

Mark only one oval.




Almost Done!

To finalize your application you MUST submit the Application Fee of $45 via PayPal, by following the link on the next page. If you do NOT see a confirmation message after you hit the SUBMIT button please try scrolling down to the bottom of the page. If you have questions send an email to info@boulderfringe.com ~ Thank you!