Alfreda Burke and Rodrick Dixon

With the

Aurora Borealis Choir

Tuesday, August 6 - 7 pm






Vivaldi - Magnificat


Pinkham - Wedding Cantata

Gershwin - selections from Porgy & Bess


Flaherty - sections from the Broadway hit Ragime

Aurora Borealis Chorus | David Baar
, conductor | Beverly Baar, piano

Alfreda Burke, soprano | Rodrick Dixon, tenor



During the summer of 2018 something very special happended at the Campanile Center for the Arts. Rodrick Dixon and Alfreda Burke joined our annual choral celebration - Aurora Borealis. What happened was something just short of magical. Audience members lept to their feet in wild appreciation for the spectacular beauty of such well trained and gifted vocalists. So, by popular demand, Alfreda and Rod agreed to return this summer.


Tickets are $22 in advance and $25 at the door, full-time student tickets are $15


Enjoy this video from Rod & Alfreda's performance on PBS's Hallelujah Broadway television special.



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Northern Arts Council