CAST Players is holding auditions for “ART” by Yasmina Reza – Directed by Annette Tringham


Auditions will be held Monday, March 18 and Wednesday, March 20 at 7 p.m. at the Beaumont Women’s Community Center;  306 E. Sixth St. in Beaumont.  All roles are open – actors will audition from the script.


Art is a comedy about one man, Serge, who buys an expensive painting, a white canvas with a few white lines, and the reactions of his friends, Marc and Yvan, to his purchase.  To Marc, the painting is a joke, but Serge insists Marc doesn't have the proper standard to judge the work. Another friend, Yvan, though burdened by his own problems, allows himself to be pulled into this disagreement. Eager to please, Yvan tells Serge he likes the painting. Lines are drawn and these old friends square off over the canvas, using it as an excuse to relentlessly batter one another over various failures. As their arguments become less theoretical and more personal, they border on destroying their friendships. This is a character driven play with strong and complex male roles.


Casting for mature adult males of any ethnicity, ages 35 – 60.  Please be familiar with the play.


Marc - a strongly opinionated man when it comes to what he values and an extremely condescending one towards what he does not value at all. Other people’s feelings do not factor into his decisions or filter the manner in which he talks to them and about them.


Serge - Serge has recently gone through a divorce and has a dim view of marriage and anyone searching to make a commitment to another person. His rules for life, friendship, and art went out the window with his marriage and now he has found peace in the realm of Modern Art where the old rules are thrown out and acceptance and instinct govern what is valuable.


Yvan - less high strung than his two friends about art, but he has his own issues in life and love that make him just as neurotic. He is thrust into being the middleman in this fight between friends and he gets belittled by both of them. He actually cares more about their feelings and well-being than they do for him or each other.


Rehearsals run M-Th evenings 6:30 or 7 (TBD), and Saturday April 20.  Play runs May 3, 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19.  Must be available weekend of April 27 & 28 (daytime) April 29 -May 1 for tech and dress rehearsals.


For more info or with questions email