2019-2020 Season

A Walk in the Woods

By Lee Blessing


Directed by Richard Meinhold

Set by Kevin Bowers


Ralph Griffey as Andrey Botvinnik

Larry Sichter as John Honeyman


2018-2019 Season

The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen's Guild Dramatic Society's Production of A Christmas Carol

By David McGillivray and Walter Zerlin Jr.


Directed by Ralph Griffey.....Nominated for ITL Award

Set by Kevin Bowers


Susan O'Connell as Mrs. Reese.....Nominated for ITL Award

Harriet Briant as Thelma.....Nominated for ITL Award

Richard Crowe as Gordon.....Nominated for ITL Award

Stephanie Parshall as Felicity.....Nominated for ITL Award

Beverly Crowe as Mercedes.....Nominated for ITL Award


Murder at the Howard Johnson's

by Ron Clark and Sam Bobrick


Directed by Susan O'Connell

Set by Kevin Bowers


Stephanie Parshall as Arlene Miller

Mark Alentine as Mitchell Lovell

Levi Hand as Paul Miller



By Yasmina Reza translated by Christopher Hampton


Directed by Annette Tringham

Set by Kevin Bowers


Chance Dean as Serge

Mark Alentine as Marc

Richard King as Yvan


2017-2018 Season

Bingo The Winning Musical

By Michael Heitzman, Ilene Reid and David Holcenberg


Directed by Ralph Griffey


Catherine Debrule as Vern..... Won ITL Award

Holly Hutchings as Patsy

Beverly Crowe as Honey

Penny Quinn as Bernice

Carina Wolf as Alison

Zenius Muleckis as Sam

Penny Atwood as Minnie

Marianne Mendoza as Bingo Card Girl


Glorious! The True Story of Florence Foster Jenkins, The Worst Singer in the World

By Peter Quilter


Directed by Annette Tringham

Marlene Lane Stage Manager

Set by Kevin Bowers


Lee Stone as Florence Foster Jenkins..... Won ITL Award

Richard King as Cosme McMoon

Wm. Ralph Griffey as St. Clair Mayfield

Norma Ferrales as Dorothy

Gloria McCafferty as Maria

Harriet Briant as Mrs. Verrinder-Gedge


Murder at the Brothel

Written and Directed by Susan O'Connell


Whitney D'Agostino Stage Manager


Rory Lollar as Colt Remington

Amanda Lashmit as Madame Mattie

Paul Martin as Black Jack Hart

Nicole Fox as Purity Peachblossom

Levi Hand as Dash Darling

Kristina Lindholm as Ruby Rose

Mark Rogers as Marshall John Marshall



2016 - 2017 Season

Murderous Crossing

By David Landau and Vikki Stern


Directed by Wm. Ralph Griffey

Holly Hutchings Stage Manager


Zenius Muleckis as Father Casse-Cou

Jacqueline Noone as Contessa Nicole Follette

Mitch Stark as Lord Arthur Bennet

Kyle Beckedahl as Johnathan Rothchild

Cat Priamos as Vivian Rothchild

Chantel Cagel as Isabella Coranova/Miss Hastings

Duane Crother as Howard Krepps/Inspector Pierre Clurrot



By Jerry Mayer

Directed by Annette Tringham

Carolyn Duncan Assistant Director/Stage Manager

Set by Kevin Bowers..... Won ITL Award


Courtney Taylor as Carol

Steve Johnson as Victor ..... Won ITL Founders Award

Jaspar Gunn as Rick

Brandi Mello as Claudia

Hilary Peters as Vicki

John Harnetiaux as Sonny


2015 - 2016 Season

Roses in December: A Play in Letters

By Victor L. Cahn


Directed by Richard Meinhold


Laura Negin as Carolyn

Richard Meinhold as Joel


Fond Farewell

By David Moberg


Directed by Wm. Ralph Griffey


Nicholas Nieblas as Phillip

Dennis Johnston as Roger

Alexandra Juarez as Rachel

Jacqueline Noone as Victoria

Chantel Cagel as Margaret

Angala Barkley-Devine as Dawn

Rachael Johnson as Samantha

Emily Isaacs as Deits

Andrew Horzen as Rex

Jason Vangilder as Ben Fullman


A Bench in the Sun

By Ron Clark


Directed by Laura Robataille


Frank Siebke as Burt..... Nominated for ITL award

Murray Robataille as Harold..... Nominated for ITL award

Judi Phares as Adrienne


Calendar Girls

By Tim Firth


Directed by Steve Johnson


Nichole Trugler as Cora..... Nominated for ITL Award

Kathryn "Kat" Grossman as Chris

Annette Tringham as Annie..... Nominated for ITL Award

Harriet Briant as Jesse..... Nominated for ITL Award

Beverly Crowe as Celia

Genna Santini as Ruth..... Nominated for ITL Award

Norma Ferrales as Marie

Carolyn Duncan as Brenda

Tom Newman as John

Sheldon Craig as Rod

Penny Quinn as Lady Cravenshire

Dennis Johnston as Lawrence

Meghan Duncan as Elaine

Tom Fulery as Liam



2014 – 2015 Season

Blithe Spirit

By Noel Coward


Directed by Howard Glen-Rawley…..Won ITL Award

Set by Kevin Bowers…..Won ITL Award


Genna Santini as Edith

Catherine DeBrule as Ruth…..Won ITL Award

Dennis Johnston as Charles

Howard Glen-Rawley as Dr. Bradman

Nicole Trugler as Mrs. Bradman

Penny Atwood as Madame Arcati…..Won ITL Award

Annette Tringham as Elvira


Scream Queens: The Musical

Book, Music and Lyrics by Scott Martin


Directed by Wm. Ralph Griffey.....Nominated for ITL Award


Caroline Sanchez as Richelle.....Won ITL Founders Award

Beverly Crowe as Nadine.....Nominated for ITL Award

Micah Justice as Bianca.....Won ITL Founders Award

Chantel Cagle as Tonya.....Won ITL Award

Renata Quijada as DeeDee.....Won ITL Award

Teresa Voss as Alexis.....Nominated for ITL Award



By A.R. Gurney


Directed by Annette Tringham.....Nominated for ITL Award

Set by Kevin Bowers


Randy Peters as Greg.....Won ITL Award

Brandice Mello as Sylvia.....Won ITL Founders Award

Jacqueline Noone as Kate.....Won ITL Award

Quentin Marley as Tom/Phyllis/Leslie.....Won ITL Award


2013 Season

The Farndale Avenue Housing Estate Townswomen’s Guild Dramatic Society Murder Mystery

A Comedy by David McGillivray and Walter Zerlin, Jr.


Directed by Tom Hurst

Set by Kevin Bowers


Susan O’Connell as Mrs. Reece…..Won ITL Award

Sarah Pearce as Thelma

Vicki Janis as Felicity

Mia Mercado-Bennett as Audrey

Mark Branyon as Gordon

Marianne Mendoza as Stagehand


Crimes of the Heart

A Dark Comedy by Beth Henley


Directed by Wm. Ralph Griffey

Set by Kevin Bowers…..Won ITL Award


Jacqueline Noone as Lenny Magrath…..Nominated for ITL Award

Laura Negin as Chick Boyle…..Won ITL Award

Kyle Anders as Doc Porter

Jennifer Reyes as Meg Magrath…..Won ITL Award

Ashley Pacheco as Babe Botrelle

Devan Noone as Barnet Lloyd


Same Time, Next Year

A Comedy by Bernard Slade


Directed by Richard Meinhold…..Nominated for ITL Award

Set by Kevin Bowers…..Nominated for ITL Award


Laura Negin as Doris…..Nominated for ITL Award

Daren Prescott as George…..Won ITL Award


2012 Season

Mark Twain Again: More of His Words and Works

Adaptations by Richard Meinhold and Robin Biggs


Directed by Robin Biggs

Set by Kevin Bowers


Richard Meinhold as Mark Twain

Kaleb Jennings as Tom Sawyer

Gabrielle Brooks as Cordelia

Lilly Alaniz as Becky

Emily Hager as Emeline


One Act Play Festival




All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten

Conceived and adapted by Ernest Zulia


Directed by Mia Mercado-Bennett

Set by Kevin Bowers


Sheldon Craig

Teresa Dolan

Tom Newman

Randy Peters …..Won ITL Award

Hilary Peters

Casey Williams


Lend Me A Tenor

By Ken Ludwig


Directed by Howard Glenn-Rawley

Set by Kevin Bowers …..Won ITL Award


Damon Burns Hamilton as Bellhop

Sheldon Craig as Tito …..Won ITL Award

Norma Ferrales as Maria

Joanne Juliet Lapointe as Julia …..Won ITL Award

Laura Negin as Maggie

Daren Prescott as Max …..Won ITL Award

Paul Runyon as Saunders

Susan Youel as Diana


2011 Season


2 Across

By Jerry Mayer


Directed by Annette Tringham

Set by Kevin Bowers…..Won ITL Award


Courtney Taylor as Janet ….. Nominated for ITL Award

Randy Peters as Josh ….. Nominated for ITL Award


I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change

Book and lyrics by Joe DiPietro, music by Jimmy Roberts


Directed by Mia Mercado-Bennett …..Nominated for ITL Award

Set by Kevin Bowers


Annalise Staudt as Annalise …..Nominated for ITL Award

Cash Morgan as Cash …..Won ITL Award

Catherine DeBrule as Catherine …..Nominated for ITL Award

Christopher John Chardi …..Won ITL Award

Pete Bennett as Pete …..Won ITL Award

Rosslyn Medina as Rosslyn …..Won ITL Award


The Hollow

By Agatha Christie


Directed by Carol Damgen …..Won ITL Award

Set by Kevin Bowers …..Won ITL Award


Howard Glenn-Rawley as Sir Henry Angkatell …..Won ITL Award

Venissa Timbreza as Henrietta Savernake …..Won ITL Award

Linda Hendrickson as Lady Lucy Angkatell …..Won ITL Award

Stephanie Parshall as Midge Hardcastle …..Won ITL Award

Richard King as Gudgeon …..Won ITL Award

Thomas Berry as Edward Angkatell

Katherine Rogers as Doris

Megan Grametbaur as Gerda Cristow

Michael Voyu as Dr. John Cristow

Lauren Campbell as Veronica Cray

Tom Provenzano as Monsieur Hercule Poirot …..Nominated for ITL Award

Donnell Powell as Inspector Grange …..Won ITL Award

Aaron Rogers as Detective Sergeant Clark


All I Need for Christmas & Auld Lang Syne

Two one act plays by Annette Tringham


Directed by Annette Tringham

Set by Kevin Bowers


Stephanie Parshall as Goldie

Debbie Cochran as Frank

Susan O’Connell as Myrna

Alex Warren as Thomas

Benjamin Andrew Taylor as Christopher

Courtney Fox Taylor as Mary and Mother

Jim Dieli as Bernie

Emily Mae Isaak as Shopper, Beth

Sarah Parshall as Ashley, Greta

Camryn Dietrich as Barbara, Myrna (Age 12)

Bobbie Carver as Jen, Myrna ((Middle Aged)

Megan Duncan as Young Woman, Myrna (Age 20)

Tryna Morton as Carol, Meredith


2010 Season

An Evening with Mark Twain: His Own Words and Works

Adaptation by Dr M.K. Switzer and Sabrina Wareing


Directed by Dr. M.K. Switzer


Richard Meinhold as Mark Twain

Dan Lawrence as Adam

Natalie Batista and Alexis Carlson as Eve