Interested in helping our communities keep in touch while we are all keeping our distance?? Click here to sign-up to volunteer or read all about it below....



We are looking for spirited volunteers and community members who would like to help our friends and neighbors KEEP IN TOUCH during these times when we have to keep our distance. Specifically, we are looking for individuals and/or family groups who would be able to send greetings to those who need a bit of joy in their day.


The Center Theatre wants to help our communities keep in touch by organizing fun videos that will be sent via email. For a donation of $10 or more, individuals will be able to either ask for something specific “Please sing Happy Birthday” or general “Do something silly and fun” for a friend, loved one, or for themselves. Then we’ll ask a volunteer who matches the request to record a short video dedicated to the recipient. The video will get sent to the Center Theatre and we’ll forward it onto the intended recipient


But before any of that can get started, we need YOU! If you’re interested in helping people keep in touch, please send the Center Theatre a short video of what you would like to do. It can be singing, dramatic reading, a dance, hula-hooping, juggling, whatever you can do to bring a little light to someone else’s day.  


Some Rules and Wherefores: 

- Performances should be at most a couple minutes long so the videos can be easily distributed and can be as brief as “Happy Birthday”. They may be music with or without accompaniment, recitation, comedy but keep it clean please. 

- All members of the group must sign a photo/media release so that the Center Theatre may use images and recordings in publicity, social media or other forms.

- Volunteers will not receive compensation for their time and efforts.


If this is of interest to you, please follow this link to fill out a brief survey. You can email your video to We hope to start this program within the next week, so please click the survey and help us to Keep In Touch.