Friends of the Theatre 2018





$10,000 and up


Dorothy Gevers-Wojtowych

Rick and Barb Wollenberg

The Wollenberg Foundation





$5,000 - $9,999


Dr. and Mrs. Donald Fuesler

Bob and Mardy Korten

Jim and Eileen Reinecke





$2,500 - $4,999


PJ Peterson and Stephen Jones





$1,000 - $2,499


Paul Aldinger

Robert and Barrie Altenhof

Nicole Boyer Cochran and Robert Cochran

Elaine and Bud Cockrell

Don A. Correll

D. Margaret Studley Foundation

Stewart and Cynthia Dall

Rex and Billie Jean Davis

In Memory of T.C. and Mary Farthing

Carol Findlay

Mario Forte and Kristine M. Keough-Forte

Dick and Ireda Grohs

Dan and Carole Heermann

Bob and Pauline Kirchner

Dr. and Mrs. Wendell Kirkpatrick

Eleen Kirman and George Fortner

Jim and Nancy Lampitt

Don and Clara Lemmons

Shawn Marvin

David and Veronika Minthorn

Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Nelson

Opsahl Dawson, PS

Tom and Jane Pence

Vince and Karen Penta

Gerald and Joan Perrin

S. Shea

David Smith

Dean and Debra Takko

David A. Wollenberg

Ann Wright





$500 - $999



James W. Baker

Jaime and Diana Boaglio

Charles and Betty Bond

Jeff Cameron and Terry Brooks

Lois Brudi

Rick Carns and Linda Wilson

Dr. and Mrs. Marion Clark

Ben and Judy Coombs

Ted and Susan Cunningham

David and Pamela Eikrem

Pat and Bruce Eyer

Adrienne E. Gorman

Dr. Daniel Haghighi--Lower Columbia Oral Health

Joel and Jodi Hanson

Hiram F. Herrold

High Step Dance Academy

Elizabeth and Clifford Jennings

Norm and Denise Krehbiel

Joan and Jerry Landau

Frank and Holly McShane

David and Rebekah Nelson

Mel and Marge Ofstun

David and June Riggs

Pat and Sue Sari

Mark and Rosemary Siipola

Gordon Sondker

James and Cheryl Stonier

Gary and Judy Swanson

Russ and Joan Timms

Mara Walton

Larry and Mary Kaye Wendfeldt

Dee Whyte 

Jay Worth

Neil and La Verne Zimmerman



First Nighter


$250 - $499


Anonymous (2)

Thomas and Ragnhild Adams

Tony and Kari-ann Botero

James and Evelyn Brady

Robert and Lynn Chace

Curt Copenhagen

Diane DeGraaff and Angelo Pilotti

Gordon and Connie Ferrell

Dan and Katie Frei

Charles and Jenny Froslie

David and Valorie Futcher 

Bob and Georgeann Gaston

Guesthouse Inn & Suites

Mike and Sandy Haas

Arlene Hall

Michael and Mary Harding

Harvey Haven

Dan and Carole Heermann

Michael and Amy Hicks

Susan Hinshaw and James T. Hennig

Steve and Raemarie Hozeska

Jill Johanson and Patrick L. Kubin

Matt and Deborah Johnson

Wes and Cindy Johnson 

Phillip and Carol Jones

Mike and Teri Karnofski

Mark and Beth Laufer

Rick and Pam Lehto

Benjamin Levy

Lynn and Shirley Lowman

Robert MacGregor

Joe and Donna MacKenzie

Sarah Magnussen

Suzanne and Bob Martinson

Mary and Gordon Matlock

Francie and Randy McEwen

Carol McRae

Bill Mortimer

David and Rebekah Nelson

Jeanne O'Connor

Nancy Rausch

Reed and Karen Sigfridson

Mrs. Margaret C. Snitzler 

Sheli and Randy Sweet

Mike and Susan Theriault

Kathy Thompson and Steve Pulliam

Patricia Vining

Dennis and Kris McElroy Weber

Joan Wilcox

Don and Lauri Williams

Gary and Robin Wright





$100 - $249


Anonymous (3)

Harold and Marnee Alexander

Jerry Almos and Teresa Forbes

Herb and Debbie Anderson

Bob and Joyce Andrew

Eric and Alison Askelund

Dale Bailey and Rosemary Powelson

Gloria Bailey

Janet D. Basom

A Alvina Beattie

Peter Bennett

Mark and Eileen Bergeson

Jerry Berkenmeier

Bobbi Bindreiff, C.P.A.

Sally and Kelly Bledsoe 

Ken Botero and Marjorie Berry

Bob's Lil Car Hospital--Bob and Laurie Ireton

Greg and JoAnne Booth

Dr. Wade and Beth Boyd

Bary Bruner and Sandra Catt 

Dave and Debbie Campbell

Sharon Campbell

Emily Carlton

Chris and Esther Cauch

Steve Chandler and Kim O'Neill 

Gene and Deborah Cleveland

Gary Clinch

Judy Cobb

Ken and Sandi Cobb

David and Shirley Cole

Judy Colt

Heidi Connole-Dennis

Marvin and Shanon Cooper

Joyce R. Cothren

Brenda Courser

Dwight and Marilyn Cranston

Mike Curry

Barry and Leslie Dahl

Carol Dahlquist

Dancing Tree Pottery

Peter DiCristina

Mike and Connie Dunlap

Milly Durand

Bill and Sherry Elton

Eureka! Engineering

Terrie Ensley-Keenum

David Felthous

Richard and Victoria Fisher

Mick and Cathy Fox

Dick and Pat Frederickson

Don and Judy Fuller

Jack and Meg Gabrielson

Diane Glase

Lois Gorans-Zdilar

Christina Gould

Bob and Marie Grant

Dr. Mike and Carron Hale

Robert and Jill Hall

Howard and Connie Hammond

Byron and Irene Hanson

Harkcom Design Inc.

Ellen Hatch

Ted and Marilyn Herold

Stanley and Rayna Hicks

Kimberly Higgins

Bruce Holway and Sue Lawton

Lavita Hooker

Susi Hulbert

Bill Hundley and Kay Purcell

Hydraulic Service, Inc.

Jansen Flowers & Gifts

Gary and Jolaine Jorgensen

Ms. Julie A. Kerby

Sandi Kessell

Willie and Judy Kilde

Linda M. King

Rich and Susie Kirkpatrick

Fax Koontz and Susan K. Lane

David and Sarah Koss

Kathleen Lappe

Steve and Jayne Lafady

Bob Large Construction, LLC

Laureate Alpha Mu

Cliff and Rashell Lewis

Johnnie and June Louderback

Ken and Karen Lutz

Tom and Judy MacLachlan

Hal and Laura Mahnke

Vaughn and Mary Martin

Richard and Mary Martinsen

Alan and Penny Massey

John and Pauly McClelland, III 

Mark and Theresa McCrady

Nancy McCoy

Toni and Mike McLeod

Gary and Penny Mellema

Frank and Jeannine Moore

Roger and Gladys Morey

Mike and Nancy Murphy

Musgrove Family

Gloria Neely

Bill and Dottie Nelson

Harold and Dena Nelson

Monte and Debbie Niemi

Margaret Nigro Living Trust

Willis C. and Betty E. Nixon

Stan and Ann Norquist

William D. Norvell

Tom and Dee O'Neill

Wayne Ostermiller

Gary and Janet Oyer

Larry and Karen Peterson

The Palins

Ray and Rhonda Palos

Karen and Pete Pickett

Walter and Hildegard Pistor

Bob and Patty Pollock

Kay Purcell and Bill Hundley

Lloyd and Myrna Raff

George Raiter and Judith Bartholomew 

John and Barbara Reynolds

Lee and Caroll Robinson

Nancy and Paul Roesch

Elmer R. and Karen L. Rogers

Alan Rose

Nick and Brook Seaver

William and Penelope Sells

Jim and Jan Senn

Steve and Sharon Shope

Ruth and Doc Sieler

Ron and Gail Simmons

Brian and Peggy Skeahan

Ken and Linda Solberg

Bob and Alice Sorensen

Susan and Wayne Spain

David Spurgeon and Amy Baker

Patty J. Stevens

Elizabeth and Kirk Stork

Joe and Diane Suewing

Marlene Swanson

Twin City Dental

Skip and Loretta Urling

Dick and Edith Uthmann

Patricia Vining

Galina Cooper and Mike Volk

Anna Waadevig

David and Ginger Walworth

Marjorie Westman-Field

Dr. and Mrs. David Westrup 

Barney and Mary Wheeler 

June White

Larry and Connie Wilhelmsen

Walter F. Williams

Mary Wingate

Richard and Lois Witt

Adam Wolfer and Dawn Draus

John and Nannette Womack

Richard and Sally Yule

Jerry and Cathy Zimmerman





$1 - $99


Anonymous (2)

Tracy Aavlik

Robert Achenbach

Elden and Pam Alexander

Jeff Altman

Roger and Jean Amundson

Janet Anderson

Rognar Anonby

Larry and Kari Arlint

Judy Bailey

Harold Baker

Bev Ball

Harry and Katherine Barto

Pamo Bhatia

Thomas Bishop

Rhonda Black

Katherine Blue

Joanna Boatman

Dennis and Cindy Bonnar

Greg and JoAnne Booth

Justin Bohling

Gayle Brauner

Bruce Breckenridge

Paul and Suzanne Brenc

Barbara Brown

Michael Brown

Heidi Bunn

Maddie Burns

Eric and Candy Burton

Lucy Calhoun

Thomas Chimenti

Dawn Colbert

David and Shirley Cole

Wayne and Carol Cole

Anne Cruser

Leslie and Barry Dahl

Dennis D. Davenport 

Vernette M. Deckman

Kathryn Deming

Brittany Dennis

Bob and Nancy Denny

Christopher Dewitt

John and Mary Dolbey

William Doty

William and Barbara Dunlap

Carolyn Dy

Natalie East

Susan Eugenis

Don Evans

Janet and Michael Fannin

Gerald Foote

Ed and Carole Forbes

Rachel Fouts-Carrico

Catherine Frazier

Jana Freiberger and Dennis Morgan

Keth and Jill Gardner

Billie Garner

Fred and Louise Gaspro

Cortnie Geringer

Mike Gleeson

Stephen Glucoft

Michael Graham

David Green

Kay Green

Linda Green

Judith Grigg

David and Mellicent Grocott

Larry and Gwyn Gross

Jennifer Gwin

Joyce Haase

Jannette Hack

Maxine Hagensen

Dick and Jane Hagwell

Barbara Hamilton

Sara Hamilton

Beverly Hamlik

Patsy Harbaugh

Yvonne Harju

Thomas Head

Chuck and Cree Ann Henderson

Jill Hill

Eva Hixson

Kimberlee Hixson

Connie Hladek

Allison Hutchinson

Dave and Linda Hynning

Wendy Howard-Benham

Larry and Janet Isaacson

Dan and Janet Jacobs

Lorre Jaffe

Ronald Jenkins

Palma M. Jensen

Robert and Donna Jessen

Nancy Johnson

Neal and Shirley Johnson

Shirley Johnson

Violet Johnson

Jim and Dayne Johnston

Lori Jones 

Ron and Dot Joslin

Martin Kauble Piano Studio

Karla Dudley Piano Studio

William Kelly

Leanna Kiggins

Barbara Kilgore

Curt and Priscilla King

Roi-Lynn King

Daniel Koon

Clifford Knutson

Carol Kuhlman

Leslie Lawley

Richard and Dorothy Lee

Lindsay Ledford

Jamie Letinich

Mary Lewis

Mrs. Ardith Libby

Patricia Lilienthal

Aimee Lindgren

Sandra Loren

Dolphine Mack

Martin Kauble Piano Studio

Charlene Martin

Robin R. L. Martin

Susan Maxey

Mary Lou McEachern

Margie McGee

Norm and Verla Meints

Mary Jane and John Melink

Saasha Mier

Megan Miles

Jennifer Miller

Mark Minthorn

Patricia Modrall

Erin Moore

Richard and Hazel Morgan

Maureen Muller

Nancy Munk Christie

James and Judith Nakashima

Joan Nelson

Genevieve Newman

Steve and Jackie Nichols

Dale D. and Danna B. Novotny

Greg and Ann Odegaard

Kim O'Neill and Steve Chandler

J.R. and Francine Olds

Kenneth Pacheco

Horst and Eva Pagel

Jim and Marti Perkins

Kari Pierce

Ramona Petersen

Donna Peterson

Darell Phillips

James Potter

Stephen and Karen Powell

Mary Ready

Nancy and Jim Reed

Rick Roberts

Barbara Russell

Lynn Ryan

Anik St. Martin

Amanda Sauer

Maurice Sapp

Ernie and Trink Schurian

Jan M. and Diane Searing

James Seels

Karen Sexton-Josephs

Elaine Sharp

Carol Sides

Chris and Angela Skaugset

Tina Smith

Marvin and Dolores Snider

Shannon Stabell

Allison Stafford

Gary and Karen Stankey

Gary and Barb Stephenson

Sherri Stommel

Marcelo Suarez

Ruth Thompson

Janelle Tiegs

R.C. Timmreck

Charles Van

Pam Van den Driessche

Laura Vickers

William and Lois Walters

Todd and Lorri Warren

Josie Wells, Knipe Realty

Scott White

Leslie Willey

Rick and Dee Winsman

Kim Worrall and Tamsel Tack

Michael Wright

Amity Wuestefeld

Daniel Zorn


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