Equinox Women's Film Festival - Friday March 10th

Screening begins at 6pm, features a talkback with "Everything It Takes" production team and after, in the Glenn Massay Theater Lobby to meet and discuss the films with other supporters of the film festival!



Knowing she could never prepare her for everything the future holds, a mother tries to impart life’s most essential lessons to her daughter in a single letter. For, though the purity of youth fades, she hopes her letter will serve as the guidance that carries her through the twists and turns of a life yet to come.



Under A Stone

A woman returns to her hometown for a family obligation. She reunites with her brother, but they clash in how they cope with their awful past.













A young woman tries to create a piece of art.


Rosetta's Blues

‘Rosetta’s Blues’ is the story of a young woman finding it difficult to come to terms with her father’s passing. Acting out in theatrical and amusing ways as methods of coping, this is a coming of age tale of how Rosetta is inspired to move forward in life rather than being weighed down by her loss.





Won't Somebody Think of the Children?!?

Amanda and Catherine, both in third grade, are writing a comic book together about feminist superheroine Sergeant Laser. They are hurrying to finish as their deadline approaches, and their "publisher," their classmate Andy, refuses to give them another extension. When Amanda strikes up a romance with the boy who steals her pudding at lunch, it gets in the way of their work (and their friendship), and she struggles to balance work and love. Can the modern working woman really have it all?




Everything It Takes

Shortly before Mary Helwig signed up to fulfill her dream of running the 2016 Iditarod, a 1,000-mile long sled dog race across Alaska, she lost her home and her dogs' houses, plus almost all her racing gear and possessions to the Sockeye Fire. Everything It Takes documents the year of Mary's life leading up to race day as she and her dogs struggle to ready themselves for the challenge of a lifetime.







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