Rental Information


Thank you for your interest in renting the Glenn Massay Theater!


To make a reservation request, please email us at


Not all events are listed on the event page of the website.  It is best to email the above address to inquire about date availabilities before submitting an official request.


Standard Rates*

Performance Rental Rate (once daily) $900
Performance Rental Rate (additional performance) $200
Rehearsal Day $400
Dark Day $200
Technician** $35 per hour, per technician

20% Discount Available for confirmed Non-Profit organizations (this does not include the technician fee).


Rental Equipment and Services Available:


Projector & Screen:  $75 per performance or rehearsal day

Grand Piano:  $200 per day


Advanced Audio Setup/Design:  Price is based on the complexity of the event and is determined by the Managing Director

Advanced Lighting Setup/Design:  Price is based on the complexity of the event and is determined by the Managing Director

Set Design, Build, & Setup:  Price is based on the complexity of the event and cost of materials, and is determined by the Managing Director


* Discounts are available to non-profits and UA groups. A standard day rental is 8:00am-11:00pm. Events that take place before 8:00 am or after 11:00pm will have an additional charge of $100 per hour outside of the standard rental day. The theater is closed during all Mat-Su College campus closures, there are no exceptions to this.


** The technician fee is mandatory. See below for details.


Please Note


  • Performance Rental Rate is for one performance per day. Additional performances on the same day are an additional $200.


  • Rehearsal Day rental rate is per rehearsal date.


  • Rehearsal Day rental rates are for a rehearsal leading up to an event at this facility. Rehearsals for events at another venue will be charged the Performance Rental Rate.


  • Rehearsals on Saturday or Sunday will be charged the Performance Rental Rate.


  • Every rehearsal and performance is required to have at least one (1) GMT Technician on duty the entire time you are in the facility. Depending on the complexity of your rehearsal or performance, more Technicians may be required.  This is decided by the Theater Director.


  • Proof of event insurance must be provided at least two weeks prior to your event. All official UAA events are covered by UAA insurance. Most non-profit and commercial organizations already have insurance that may cover and off-site event. Your carrier can email a PDF copy to to complete this requirement. If you need to purchase insurance for your event and do not already have a carrier, the University of Alaska Statewide offers event insurance for events at a University location. For details, please visit:  UA Statewide Event Insurance (Our location code is 4632 - Univ of Alaska Anchorage)


  • The renter's group and all volunteers must go through a theatre introduction and safety orientation prior to using the facility. This is generally a walk around when your group first arrives.  All workers and volunteers must be signed off on the Safety Orientation Checklist.  The renting organization is responsible for covering all incidents that occur during the renter's event, including all of the setup/teardown time.


  • We do have 20 tables and about 80 folding chairs to use in the lobby and onstage for events, these are free of charge unless damages occur.


  • It is expected that the renter will clean all areas of the theater back to the condition it was in prior to entering the facility.  This includes emptying all trash receptacles used, picking up trash and sweeping the lobby, house, stage, and backstage areas, vacumming the carpeted areas of the house and backstage, wiping down all surfaces used and sweeping up the bathroom floors and ensuring all toilets are flushed (not required to clean the toilets).


  • Hanging items on the walls is strictly prohobited without direct permission from the Glenn Massay Theater Staff. Please be prepared with blue painters tape if you do need to hang anything as it is the only approved hanging adhesive/device.


  • Do not place or lean anything against any of the walls, especially the wood slat wall in the lobby.


  • No food or drink in the house unless it has been approved by the Theater Staff.  Alcohol is prohibited on the Mat-Su College campus, including the Glenn Massay Theater.


  • Food items and catering must be approved by the Glenn Massay Theater Staff.


  • Failure to clean following your event will result in a $500.00 cleaning fee attached to the final invoice. The full cost of any damages that occur as a result of the rental will also be included in the final invoice.