GCT’s 10x10 Play Festival!


Have we got that something for you!

The Golden Chain Theatre has an exciting event planned for 2020. 10 plays. 10 minutes each. All in one Festival.

Submissions can be an already published work, or a original work written by YOU!


Here’s how it works:

    •    Write a 10 minute play (or find one you like that’s already published, there are many available online)

    •    Submit it to the address below or to

    •    Sit back and wait for us to announce the finalists on April 6, 2020

    •    If you submit a play that is selected you will be able to cast and direct the show for the festival (don’t worry, we have many talented folks to coach you through it!)

The Festival will be attended by the public and the entries will be voted on by an expert panel, you may win a cash prize!


Do you have questions?  See RULES below.  Email me at  

Where do you submit your finished script? 


Golden Chain Theatre

Attn: 10x10 Play Fest

P.O.Box 604

Oakhurst, CA. 93644


Remember: Keep it clean, we are a family friendly festival. 



Golden Chain Theatre’s 10 Minute Play Production Guide


General Guidelines:

    1    Sets must be minimal – you will be provided with 2 hollow boxes (21" cubes), 2 chairs and a back wall that can be lit for mood.  

    2    Actors dress in simple black clothes which can be accessorized as necessary.  Directors will supply all props needed.  All accessories and props must fit in one of the two large moving boxes, measuring 2 foot square each.

    3    The director introduces the play and actors via a pre recorded video while the cast/crew are setting the stage.  You will have 5 minutes to set up, 10 minutes to perform and 5 minutes to clear the stage for the next group. No scenic devices may be hung, placed or positioned in the playing areas prior to the 5 minute set up time.

    4    Should a production exceed any time limits (setup, production or strike), the performance will not be stopped.  However, the total amount of points earned will be deducted by 25%, in effect, making the performance ineligible to place in the top 3.

    5    The sound engineer plays appropriate music between the presentations.  If the play requires music or sound effects, the director must provide the sound files to the engineer prior to the beginning of the festival. 

    6    The theatre will provide a basic lighting plot for all performances.  

    7    Once in progress, a production will not be stopped or interrupted except by the Festival Chair.


Playwriting Suggestions

    1    Plays must be submitted in appropriate format.

    2    When writing, let the dialogue and the character’s actions communicate their emotional state and their reaction to each other.  Show the story, don’t tell.

    3    There is little time for exposition.  There must be a conflict, and it must be urgent. This could be a conflict with other characters, or an external situation that seems out of their control. Get to it within the first two pages. 

    4    The conflict should resolve in some way at the end of the play, but it does not have to resolve happily.

    5    There will be children in the audience, and we hope to have some submissions for children.  Please, no unnecessary profanity or violence.  We want this to be a family-friendly event.

Play Submission

    1    If you are submitting a published play to direct rather than your own original work, you are responsible for obtaining the permission and rights to perform the work at the festival. Before performing  you must present 

    a    Proof of permission from leasing agent or author to perform the play as it will be performed

    b    Proof of payment of royalty for festival performance

    c    Proof of rights to use copyrighted music or media

    d    Three copies of the script as it is to be performed

Casting and Direction

    1    Playwrights may direct their own show or appoint a director.

    2    Directors are responsible for casting their own shows.  

    3    If actors are needed, there will be a small pool of performers from GCT available.

    4    Each selected play will be assigned a representative from GCT to oversee the process.

Rehearsal Time and Performance Order

    1    Performance times for participants will be scheduled by random drawing by the Festival Chair immediately after the entry deadline.  

    2    Tech rehearsal time must be scheduled for each group in the theatre.  All rehearsals will be closed except for the entrant and festival production staff.  Alternate rehearsal times may be allowed at the discretion of the festival chair.


    1    Failure to comply with festival rules and theatre policies will be grounds for disqualification.  The decision of the Board of Directors is final.


Submission Review Process

Reviewers will receive and review  the submitted plays.  The overall purpose of the competition is to present plays that are compelling and dynamic, suitable for community theatre audiences and ready for production.  The purpose of initial review is to eliminate scripts that will not meet this guideline. Review comments will be made available to playwrights upon request. At the reviewer’s discretion, plays that do not meet guidelines for specific reasons may be returned for editing.  Two reviewers will read each script and, if they disagree, a third reviewer will read it.  

Helpful questions to ask about your script:

    1    Is the subject matter unique or does it provide a unique perspective?

    2    Does the play capture your attention and have enough complexity to hold the audience’s interest?

    3    Are you interested in or do you care about the characters?

    4    Is the exposition smooth and well integrated into the dialogue?

    5    Is the plot logical and the dialogue natural and believable?

After completion of reviews, all scripts will be deleted from computers, laptops or other devices and hard copies will be shredded to protect playwright’s intellectual property.  


SUBMISSIONS will be taken up to March 31, 2020

NOTIFICATION OF ACCEPTANCE TO THE FESTIVAL  will be announced April 6, 2020. Accepted playwrights will be assigned a liaison/mentor at this time. 

CASTING must be completed by April 13, 2020

Technical Rehearsal will be held June 25 and 26 by appointment. 

The Festival will be held June 27th and 28th.  Both nights will have an “Patrons Choice” vote, but Sunday’s performance will be adjudicated by a panel of judges, and prizes will be awarded accordingly.