Harvey's has multiple open mics during the week!
Money Where Your Mouth Is
Hosted by George Rosenbaum
The tournament with a winner at the end of every month! What do you win? A booking at Harvey's, and it pays up to 300 dollars!

Here's how it works:
The first 3 shows are "elimination" rounds. Winners in the elimination rounds perform in the Grand Finale on the 4th Thursday of the month.
Elimination Round Rules (first 3 weeks): Comics perform, then the audience votes their favorite comedians. The top comedian(s) with the most votes proceed to the Grand Finale. Take note, you only need to win one elimination round to move on!
Grand Finale Rules (4th week): The finalists from the last 3 elimination rounds perform. If we're booking a 10 min "opener" spot, the winner will be selected by audience vote. For the 25 min "feature" months, the winner will be selected by a panel of judges. Either way, best comic wins!
This show books both $200 "opener" and $300 "feature" spots, depending on the month. If you think you're ready to do opener spots, make sure you have a good 10 min first. For those wanting to try the feature length spots, come with 25 min.

Email gvrcomedy@gmail.com to book a spot for a preliminary round. Stay tuned for booking announcements and updates!
The Real Comedy Spot
Hosted by Hyjinx
Come hear a bunch of jokes that local comics are working on. Their creative process needs an audience, aka YOU! You can be a comic too. New to comedy? Seasoned comedic professional that wants to try new material? Free party time? We all know that stage time is precious so use it productively. Pssst...we've also been known for booking opening acts thru open mic. If you want to hit the stage, open mic sign-up opens at 8:30PM with folks hitting the stage starting at 9:00PM in the main showroom. COMICS-4 minute slots. In-person sign-ups start at 8:30PM the day of in the Hoyt dining room.
Open mic participants can also catch our professional Thursday shows at 7:30PM by saying "OPEN MIC" at the ticket window.



Crosstrain Comedy
Hosted by George Rosenbaum or Guest Host
Welcome to the early mic at Harvey's Comedy Club, brought to you by Stranglevine Entertainment!
All sign-ups are first come first serve, starting with online sign-up. Ask us about our weekly guest host, or if you would like to guest host for a week!
Online sign-ups are morning of the event at 9am, the day of the event. Message George Rosenbaum on FB or email gvrcomedy@gmail.com for a spot online.
In person sign-ups start 30 minutes before the show begins. Please introduce yourself as you enter the venue so we can check you off, no matter how you signed up.