Anderson Concerto Competition Entry Form

ENTRY FORM: Deadline, October 16th, 2020                                                            (Print in Landscape Format for Best Results)

Auditions:  October 4th at  First Christian Church, 15 E. 5th St.




Student E-mail___________________________________________Cell__________________

[Please WRITE on BACK of ENTRY FORM:  Parent’s Name and Telephone, Teacher’s Name and Telephone,

Teacher’s e-mail, Teacher’s address and zip]



Divisions:  Advanced (grade 10-12) 15 minute limit.  Instrumental (grades 10-College sophomore) 15 minute limit.


A winner will be chosen from each of the divisions.  2nd place awards and Honorable Mention will be given at the discretion of the judge.  1st place winners will not be allowed to compete again in the same age division.  Ties for 1st place will be allowed.  Advanced level winners will perform with the Hutchinson Symphony only with recommendation of the adjudicator.

Determining the availability of a published symphonic score is the responsibility of the contestant.

If anyone wishes permission to copy any out-of-print concerti, contact a music store for the proper form to fill out and/or the telephone number of the publishing firm to obtain legal permission.  Permission is only granted on a one-on-one basis.

Students must furnish their own accompanist and a copy of the music for the judge.  Copied or hand-written music is acceptable only if the concerti are out of print (See notes above on entry form.)

Students may play repertoire which is not on the list or is out of print.  The teacher must contact Dr. Richard Koshgarian at for approval.  Students may play without stipulation of the number of movements but within the time limit.  2nd movements are allowed. 

Memory IS required for symphony performance for piano; instrumentalists will follow KMEA memory guidelines. 

Student Fee:  $25.00 - Checks made payable to Hutchinson Symphony with “Anderson Concerto” on the memo line. 

Mail enrollment form and check to Jaque Roberts, at 633 E. Sherman, Hutchinson, KS  67501. Email Deadline 10/16/2020