Envisioning INvision


Constructed as an online platform like none before, our OPERAhouse Without Walls is modelled on the thrilling experience of a physical performing arts space. Arriving at a virtual façade that celebrates the names of IN Series sponsors who made it possible, you are ushered through a doorway into a lobby buzzing with excitement. Ahead is the marquee and box-office with news on performances and details on tickets. Maybe you’ve arrived to take in a performance in our mainstage ODEON, which houses full-length performances. Maybe you want to check out THE BOX, our virtual black-box theater where innovative and experimental programming is found. Turn one way in the lobby and you can enter our educational studio space where Director’s Salons, learning guides, and interviews with scholars from around the world are readily available. Turn the other way and you can find a LIVE performance space, where Cocktail Concerts and other real-time performances stream regularly. Of course, there is a lounge where you can gather after a show for “an artists receptions” or schedule a watch party with your friends here at home or halfway around the globe. You can even give your name at the artist-entrance to go backstage for special subscribers-only content. An OPERAhouse Without Walls– this is the only opera house that could possibly contain your IN Series.


Consider supporting the creation of this one-of-a-kind space and putting your lasting mark on IN Series’ future in one of these unique ways:


$1,000 – Place a brick to secure INVISION, your name or the name or your choice engraved upon it and placed permanently on the virtual façade of our entrance, and receive a subscription to all of our 2020-2021 Digital Season.


$5,000 – Lay a foundational cornerstone to support INVISION, proudly holding up for perpetuity the façade of our virtual opera house and bearing your name or the name of your choice, and receive a lifetime subscription to all our digital seasons to come.


$7,500 – Lead the construction of the extended-use virtual space that speaks most to what you love about IN Series – our educational studio, our social gathering space, our LIVE performance salon, or our VIP backstage space –  which will be named in your honor as you’re also given Executive Producer credit on all content presented in your hall in perpetuity.


$10,000 – Have one of our two lead virtual theater spaces – the ODEON mainstage theater or THE BOX experimental theater – named to honor your gift that made that one-of-a-kind performance venue possible, and also be named as Executive Producer in all content presented in your hall in perpetuity.

$20,000 – Give the support that makes this entire virtual construction possible, underwriting the creation of INVISION, and be honored by having this entire OPERAhouse Without Walls named as you wish in perpetuity, as well as being named in the opening credits of all content to be ever presented in this online theater complex.