This work is also intended to be free to the performer’s interpretation, and for this late night cabaret experience, Maribeth Diggle (from IN Series' 2019 production of BUTTERFLY) returns from Belgium to create a performance experience that blends Sokolovic’s composition with elements of free improvisation, collaboration with Baltimore vocal-percussion and beat-box artist Shodekeh, movement and play, and audience live participation in creating the work. This experimental project uniquely explores the power of sound to express the deep longings of the heart.

The performance will be preceded by a "Knee-Play Conversation" beginning at approximately 8:30pm featuring Alliance for New Music-Theatre member Susan Galbraith in discussing the creatie experience and the performer as creator in the productions of "Love Songs" and "Here Be Sirens".


Maribeth Diggle, soprano and director
in collaboration with Susan Galbraith
Shodekeh, vocal percussionists