Kate Soper is without doubt one the most exciting composers in America today, with a truly original voice as both composer and a soprano. HERE BE SIRENS is just one of her many surprising and powerful compositions for female voices, which use clarity and intelligence to shatter preconceived notions of form, balance, structure, and style. It is a work that is as unique as it is poignant, and it is not to be missed.


On March 7th, the performance will be followed by a "Knee-Play Conversation" featuring Alliance for New Music-Theatre member Susan Galbraith in discussing the creatie experience and the performer as creator in the productions of "Love Songs" and "Here Be Sirens".

stage direction by Brian J. Shaw
Johnathan Dahm Robertson, set design
Marianne Meadows, lighting design
Donna Breslin, costume diesign

Noelle McMurtry, soprano
Julie Bosworth, soprano
Camille Crossot, soprano

Here the hymn O Sailor from HERE BE SIRENS