If you were there you know, and if you missed it you might have heard: we had a bit of a bumpy ride at our GROUNDBREAKING GROUNDBREAKING. The thing about being first down an untrod path is that you’re sure to encounter the hidden obstacles along the way. We learned a lot about technology but also about our amazing group of supporters and our family of artists. We’re excited to seize the opportunity to create this E-GALA, an electronic version of our event, that includes everything planned for that evening: from our themed collaborative cocktails to video from some of the concerts that were presented, from a special welcome from our founder Carla Hubner to a video retrospective of the past two years of IN Series’ artistic history, and finally a presentation from Artistic Director Timothy Nelson on INvision, including announcing the names given thus far to the spaces in our OPERAhouse Without Walls – to be enjoyed however best suits YOU, whether all at once or in pieces, today or throughout the rest of the week ahead.


Tune IN Early for a Cooking Class with Alan



Our Cocktail Hours is Anything But a Drag


Former Miss Adam’s Morgan LOVE POTION No.9  makes a special guest appearance mixing the Signature Cocktails of each of our themed rooms.












Concurrent Concerts


Not one, not two, but three concerts showed off our IN Series artists, but we were only able to stream one of them. Here are videos of the two other concert events from that evening which celebrate the artistic fiber of this company.








Carla's Words of Welcome


IN Series founder Carla Hubner kicks off the festivities reminding us that the INnovation of INvision is actually the continuation of a core principle of her own vision for this organization stretching back 39 years.



Trajectory - An Arc Bending Towards INvision


A video presentation shows the INspiration of the past two seasons, highlighting the movement from success to success – from artistic caliber to collaborative outreach to dealing with the crises of pandemic and protest. Creating a new space for better work is the next step in this vision – INvision.



And a Final Reveal!


Artistic Director Timothy Nelson outlines how our OPERAhouse Without Walls has taken shape, including revealing the names given by your generous support to the bricks, cornerstones, and spaces of this new type of arts experience.



It's Not Too Late


You can still contribute to INvision, and right now your gift will be doubled through a generous matching donation. You can make a gift of any size, including gifts that are recognized on a naming wall of bricks and cornerstones making up the foundation of this space. There are all still important spaces – our Educational Annex and LIVE Performance Studio – waiting for a sponsor to make them possible.


You can find more information and show your support HERE.