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The staff, artists, and direction of IN Series are passionately working to find ways that we can be thoughtful, intentional, and present during this time. We are committed to finding ways of being light sources in this darkness, and to using "what is" to be an opporutnity to discover "what can be".


Click to read the full message from IN Series Artistic Director Timothy Nelson.



IN Series is imagining how to create innovative and accessible streaming content that opens news ways of engagement from our current family of audiences and expanding out globally. We believe that this seminal moment can be an opportunity to challenge ourselves to reimagine our responsibility as a cultural organization to respond artistically to community crises in meaningful and impactful ways.


As we embark on this journey of interrogation and exploration we’ve created a new virtual theater-space online called INvision, where you will be able to find streaming recent IN Series creations, and where new digital media content can be accessed in the future.


Watch this space in the coming days for a portal to this new virutal home for your IN Series.

Theater uniquely able to offer us connection in times of isolation. What the world is discovering is that this theater does not necessarily need to be live to offer a sense of community and of being seen. Check out these online resources for access streamed productions and resources from around the entire globe.


OPERA VISION: Stream a diverse repertoire of productions from a cohort of European Companies.


OPERA WIRE: A comprehensive list of all the opera companies world wide offering free streaming of their productions.


SHAKESPEARE PLAYS IN FULL: A streaming list of full production and films of Shakespeare's plays. 


INtune and INtros to Opera: Access the IN Series blog I.S.5 - Where you can listen to our weekly arts podcast INtune, and our daily listening guide INtros to Opera.