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Donors to IN Series are part of the IN-Crowd, and are crtical to the vitality of this organization.
All donations, big or small, make you are part of this family of supporters. A full listing of all donors appears in each IN Series program



In addition, IN Series has a Major Donors Club made up of those who pledge large annual gifts to help IN Series advance its mission and realize its vision of community connection through innovative music and theater.

These supporters are entitled to unique opportunities to engage further with each production, through guided private rehearsals, regular special-events with artists and Artistic Director Timothy Nelson, and even custom recorded voicemail greetings by IN Series artists.

Those who generously give gifts of $1,000 or more form our Major Donors Club, with donors giving a one-time $10,000 donation named in perpetuity as cornerstone Founders Circle Members of the Major Donors Club.
For more information email Luz Segura at

Major support for IN Series comes from the following:

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  • Billy Rose Foundation logo
  • Bloomberg Philantropies logo
  • Cafritz logo
  • Celtino logo
  • Dallas Morse Coor Foundation logo
  • M&T Bank logo