Thank you for purchasing your Early Bird tickets! 


Ready to to choose a performance date?
Well, here's what you need to do:

When you are ready to apply your Early Bird discounted tickets,
return to this site and follow our simple step-by-step guide below:

  1. Under  > TICKETS on the top menu, select  > CALENDAR

  2. Select the DATE you plan to attend.  
         NOTE: some days have matinee + evening performances; be sure to select the correct performance!

  3.  Enter the total number of each ENTREE CHOICE you'd like.
         NOTE:  Disregard the pricing indicated on screen!  (You have already purchased your Early Bird tickets at a discounted price!)

  4. Click  > NEXT at bottom right of screen.

  5. Click  > REDEEM BENEFITS.

  6. Enter your PATRON ID from your Early Bird purchase receipt.

  7. Enter the FIRST and LAST NAME used to buy your Early Bird tickets.

  8. Click  > SEARCH.

  9. Select the number of tickets to be redeemed for the date selected.

  10. Click  > APPLY BENEFITS

  11. Click  > CONTINUE

  12. OPTIONAL:  Make a donation to Lake Theatre Productions.

  13. Click  > CONTINUE

  14. Click  > PROCESS ORDER


  16. You will receive a confirmation email! 

Should you encounter any challenges, please call our Box Office:
(518) 879-6218