Guest Reviews

The Lake George Dinner Theatre is very proud of the overwhelming number of rave reviews we receive from our patrons!  We invite you to check out more reviews from regional arts critics, as well as other LG Dinner Theatre guests, on    

—Terry Rabine,  LGDT's outgoing Executive Producer


"...perfect entertainment after an enjoyable meal...a comfortable experience that's so optimistic it suggests that all is right with the world. And isn't that a welcome way to spend a couple of hours?"
-The Saratogian

"Whenever I visit Lake George, I make sure we get tickets for the Dinner Theater. It's the perfect way to spend the evening with my mother."


"I have been 3 times and I always have such a fantastic time! The atmosphere is very cozy, the staff is friendly, the food is great, and the shows always bring the laughs. It's a great date night or night out with friends. I highly recommend checking it out"

"FANTASTIC, has been a yearly activity for family."
"Great performances, usually lots of laughs and great meals!"



"Worth the trip - a unique experience in every way!"

"A place that does not disappoint! Both the food and entertainment are fabulous; you are bound to have a great time no matter what show is happening. A must-see for sure!"

"My date and I thoroughly enjoyed our Dinner Theatre experience. The acting was superb and the food was fantastic."


"Last year, neighbors invited us to your dinner theatre and we really enjoyed our night out. We decided to make it a yearly event."


"Lovely experience. Great dinner and the show was entertaining throughout. Clever, funny and excellent acting. Great way to spend an evening. Would see it again."