Department F
Division: Market Beef

Show Order: (Times are approximations)

8:00 am Ed & Hazel Korrey Memorial Bucket Calf Show

8:30 am Breeding Beef Show

9:00 am Supreme Merit Heifer

9:30 am Showmanship

10:30 am Market Beef Show


Project Rules

1. Market beef must be less than two years of age. If age is disputed, the calf will be mouthed.


2. Any market cattle not reaching minimum sale weight (1150 lb steers, 1050 lb heifers) will be shown in a feeder class, not eligible for sale. The maximum weight for all market beef is 1550 lbs.


3. All steers will be shown by weight classes. Final show classification will be determined by superintendents after all entries are weighed. Class breakdown will be posted Thursday morning.


4. The official rate of gain starting weight will be spring weigh-in weight. The final weight will be the official show and sale weight. Market beef must meet the minimum sale weight requirements and be shown to qualify for rate of gain awards.


5. Market beef will be sold on the grid, thus each carcass will take the premiums or discounts awarded to that carcass.





1 – Market Heifers (1050 lbs to 1550 lbs)

2 – Feeder Heifer(less than 1050lbs-not eligible for champion or sale)

3- Overweight Heifers (more than 1550 lbs-not eligible for champion or sale)

4 - Lightweight – 1150-1250 lbs

5 - Mediumweight – 1251-1400 lbs

7 - Heavyweight – 1401 lbs -1550 lbs

8 - Feeder – (Less than 1150 lbs not eligible for champion or sale)

9—Overweight—(More than 1550 lbs not eligible for champion or sale)

10 – Rate of Gain

11 – Market Beef Carcass

12 – Supreme Market Beef

Divisions and classes can be added or removed by superintendents depending on numbers.



Grand Champion – Wells Fargo Bank

Pilkington Financial Services

Reserve Grand Champion – John Knaub Memorial/Sterling FFA

Champion Market Heifer – Chaney-Reager Funeral Home

Champion Lightweight Steer – Premier Farm Credit

Champion Medium weight Steer – Wickham Tractor Co.

Champion Medium Heavyweight Steer – Proctor Peppers 4-H Club

Champion Heavyweight Steer – Howard & Mike Hettinger

Champion Market Beef Carcass – Chaney-Reager Funeral Home

Supreme Champion Market Beef – Wells Fargo Bank

Champion Rate of Gain-Sam and Julie Sonnenberg


Division: Breeding Beef

Project Rules

1. Open to purebred or commercial females and bulls.

2. Indicate breed at time of entry.

3. If adequate breed entries are made, a separate breed class will be set up. Otherwise, breeding cattle will show in one of the following classes: English breeds, Exotic breeds, other breeds, and crossbred.

4. Entries will be classified according to age as follows:

a. Junior Calves –calved after January 1, 2018

b. Senior Calves - calved September 1 – December 31, 2017

c. Junior Yearlings – calved between May 1 and August 31, 2017

d. Senior Yearlings – calved between January 1 and April 30, 2017

e. Cow-Calf Pair-both halter broke


5. Superintendents reserve the right to combine breeds as necessary.



12 – Junior and Senior Bull Calf

13 – Senior Yearling Bull Calf

14 – Junior Yearling Bull Calf

15 – Senior Heifer Calf

16 – Junior Heifer Calf

17 – Senior Yearling Heifer

18 – Junior Yearling Heifer

19 – Cow-Calf Pair 

103--Supreme Heifer Phase 1

104--Supreme Heifer Phase 2

100 – Junior Showmanship

101 – Int. Showmanship

102 – Senior Showmanship



Grand Champion – Supreme Ag Service

Reserve Grand Champion – Sonnenberg Agency