Department H
Division: Market Goat

Project Rules

1. Market goats must weigh between 55 and 110 pounds.


2. Classes will be determined by weight. Superintendents will decide class breaks depending on number of entries.


3. Meat goats must have their milk teeth in normal positions. Superintendents reserve the right to mouth meat goats. Any meat goat having lost one or both milk teeth will be disqualified.


4. Both whether and doe goats will be eligible for entry as market goats.


5. Goats must be slick shorn to the skin above the knee and hock joints, excluding the tail switch prior to fair check-in.

6. No paint, powder or any artificial coloring may be used.

7. Exhibitors are required to have horns tipped blunt, with tip no smaller than dime-size, or dehorned on all goats prior to fair check-in.


8. Exhibitors will be allowed to use halters or collars in the show ring.


9. The USDA’s Scrapie Eradication Program will be enforced at the Logan County Fair.


10. The official rate of gain starting weight will be spring weigh-in weight. The final weight will be the official show and sale weight. Market goats must meet the minimum show and sale requirements and be shown to qualify for rate of gain awards.


11. Products containing oils or dyes are not permitted for use.


12. Absolutely no training collars will be allowed, show collars only.


13. Goats will not be weighed wearing leg wraps or halters. They must be removed in order to be weighed.



30 – Lightweight (55 – 68 lbs)

31 – Middleweight (69-85 lbs)

32 – Middle Heavyweight (86-98 lbs)

33 – Heavyweight (99 – 110 lbs)

34 – Feeder Goats(less than 55 lbs-not eligible for champion or sale)

35 – Overweight (111lbs and over-not eligible for champion or sale)

36 – Rate of Gain

300 – Junior Showmanship

301 – Int. Showmanship

302 – Senior Showmanship

Divisions and classes can be added or removed by superintendents depending on numbers.



Grand Champion – Sherman and Jodi Mauck, CHS

Reserve Grand Champion – Dr. Lloyd Rieke Memorial

Champion Lightweight – Marick’s Waste Disposal

Champion Middleweight – CHS

Champion Middle Heavyweight – New Method Cleaners

Champion Heavyweight – Trinidad Benham Corp

Champion Rate of Gain – Plateau Pioneers 4-H Club

Champion Goat Carcass – Lambert Farms


Divison: Catch-It Goat

Project Rules

1. Open only to members enrolled in the catch-it program for the current year.


2. Catch-It is a terminal market program. Animals cannot be used for breeding purposes.



37 - Catch-It



Champion Catch-It Goat – Trinidad Benham