Department G
Division: Market Sheep

Project Rules

1. Market lambs must weigh between 110 and 160 pounds.


2. Classes will be determined by weight. Superintendents will decide class breaks depending on number of entries.


3. At the discretion of superintendents, market lamb entries may be mouthed at weigh-in and must have lamb teeth to be eligible to compete.


4. Male animals having one or both testicles contained in the body cavity are not eligible to show in market classes.


5. Sheep must be slick shorn to the skin above the knee and hock joints prior to fair check-in.


6. The official rate of gain starting weight will be spring weigh-in weight. The final weight will be the official show and sale weight. Market lambs must meet the minimum show and sale requirements and be shown to qualify for rate of gain awards.


7. The USDA’s Scrapie Eradication Program will be enforced at the Logan County Fair.


8. No coloring of lambs allowed above the flanks.


9. Products containing oils or dyes are not permitted for use.


10. Sheep will not be weighed wearing leg wraps or halters. They must be removed in order to be weighed.



20 – Lightweight (110 – 122 lbs)

21 – Middleweight (123 – 135 lbs)

22 – Middle Heavyweight (136 – 147 lbs)

23 – Heavyweight (148 – 160 lbs)

24 – Feeder Lamb(less than 110lbs-not eligible for champion or sale)

25 – Overweight (161 and over-not eligible for champion or sale)

26 – Rate of Gain

200 – Junior Showmanship

201 – Int. Showmanship

202 – Senior Showmanship

Divisions and classes can be added or removed by superintendents depending on numbers.



Grand Champion – Gene Meisner Family, The Hill Family

Reserve Grand Champion – Justin Fundus Memorial

Champion Lightweight – Meisner Show Feeds

Champion Middleweight – Plateau Pioneers 4-H Club

Champion Middle Heavyweight – Sterling Federal Credit Union

Champion Heavyweight – Bow-Wow Barn

Champion Rate of Gain – Ag Teck Repair

Champion Lamb Carcass – Colby and Karrie Walker


Division: Catch-It Lamb

Project Rules

1. Open only to members enrolled in the catch-it program for the current year.


2. Catch-It is a terminal market program. Animals cannot be used for breeding purposes.



27 – Catch-It



Champion Catch-It Lamb – Mike & Tammy Meisner

                                          Albert and Carrie Hirschfeld