*Dearest Friends,

You, along with many of my closest acquaintances are invited to a reception at 3 Beekman Place, Saturday, November 3rd. My eclectic group of friends will be celebrating with champagne toasts & Bee's Knees
gin cocktails (straight from the bathtub-don’t tell a soul), along with some tasty hors-d'oeuvres whipped up by my creative culinary expert, Luigi
as well as some special entertainment. Just tell them at the door, Mame sent you.

Don’t be late, the party starts at 5:59 pm, all for $29.99, you won’t want to miss a minute of the fun.

Your ticket includes a special donation to an organization I’ve been supporting now for several years, Jackson County CASA. It’s a “thank you” you can give life when you live life all the way. Also included is Premium seating [which is bound to make you want to dance your shoes off] along with a couple of delicious toddies, and a pre-show Cabaret of 30's music, simply because “It’s today!”. I’ve tuned the grand up, called the cops out and we’re striking the band up so join us!
*$29.99 Benefit Ticket includes:
  • 1- Premium Ticket ($18 value) with first choice seating (1st TWO rows) upon arrival (between the hours of 5:59 - 7 PM)
  • 2-Beverage Tickets for either "4 oz. Spirited" or Non-"Spirited" Beverages (Valid only during BENEFIT reception hour)
  • Passed hors-d'oeuvres specialties
  • Cabaret show featuring the music of the 30's
  • A donation to Mame's favorite organization, Jackson County CASA