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La Jolla Studio

1008 Wall Street, La Jolla, CA 92037


1. Drawing in Color PencilIrina Gronborg

3. Pencil Figure Drawing & CompositionKen Goldman

7. Drawing a Variety of SubjectsIrina Gronborg

15. Drawing the Desert Garden, Irina Gronborg

17. Portrait Drawing for Beginners, April Mitchell

Drawing & Watercolor

2. Playing with Pen & Ink & WatercolorLori Mitchell

Drawing & Painting (Any Media)

5. Portraiture: Facing Features Head-OnStephanie Goldman


8. Watercolor: Putting the Fun in "Fundamentals," Thia Nevius

12. Basic WatercolorStan Goudey

Painting—Acrylics or Oils

4. Painting Boot Camp, Kevin Inman

10. The Five Key Elements To Better PaintingJeff Yeomans

11. Impressionism Using Alla PrimaSharon Carol Demery


13. Oil Painting Techniques: Finding Your Personal StylePat Kelly

14. Classical Method: Finding Your PalettePat Kelly

Mixed Media

6. Collage Into Assemblage: Pieces to TreasuresSusan Osborn

9. Exploring Contemporary Art From All Over the WorldRivian Bütikofer

16. Acrylic and Tissue Paper CollageElaine Harvey


18. iPhone Photography: Portraits, Selfies, Flowers, and Smaller ObjectsDr. Cliff Oliver

20. iPhone Photography: Art on the iPhoneDr. Cliff Oliver


19. "Say It" PrintingMichelle Montjoy

Athenaeum Art Center

1955 Julian Avenue, San Diego, CA 92113


50. Life Drawing (Long & Short Pose),

No Instruction—Pam Whidden, monitor

51. Life Drawing (Long & Short Pose),

No Instruction—Pam Whidden, monitor

58. From Journal to ArtMichelle D. Ferrera-Lubin

62. Plein Air SketchingOscar Romo

63. Draw Like an AnimalPerry Vasquez

Drawing & Watercolor

56. Playing With Pen & Ink & WatercolorLori Mitchell

Pastels & Watercolor

57. Painting with Pastels and WatercolorHelen Shafer Garcia

Drawing & Painting (Any Media)

54. Painting and Drawing the Human FigureKen Goldman

Painting—Acrylics or Oils

52. Abstract Painting For the Adventurous—Go AbstractSharon Carol Demery

55. Paint FearlesslyJeff Yeomans


53. Beginning Acrylic PaintingStan Goudey


61. Someday I'll PaintVicki Walsh


59. The Human Figure in SculptureRy Beloin

64. Sculpting Busts: Gods and HeroesAngel Adame

66. Upcycling WorkshopOscar Romo

Paper Arts

65. Papier MâchéHelen Shafer Garcia

69. Box-Making A—ZAnne Covell


70. A Collage of PrintmakingSibyl Rubottom

72. Linoleum Block Printing—Color Prints Using Our Collection of LetterpressesMorgan Miller III

73. Making a MarkAl Rodríguez

74. Collagraph PrintingGreg Bada

75. E-Z-Cut Block Printing WorkshopMorgan Miller III

Open Studio

60. Open StudioNo Instruction—Ry Beloin, monitor

67. Open Lab PrintmakingMorgan Miller III

68. Open Lab PrintmakingMorgan Miller III

71. Open Lab PrintmakingSibyl Rubottom