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Murals of La Jolla


NEXT TOUR: July 29 at 5:30 PM

Tours are given the last Wednesday of each month. There are no tours in November or December.


NOTE: The June 24 mural tour has been cancelled.




The Athenaeum Music & Arts Library is pleased to host walking tours of the Murals of La Jolla. Tours start at the Athenaeum the last Wednesday of every month. Join fellow art enthusiasts and learn more about the artists and their artworks created specifically for Murals of La Jolla during a guided walking tour led by Murals of La Jolla Executive Director Lynda Forsha. During the tour you will learn more about each artist and the type of work they make beyond the Murals of La Jolla Project. Each mural has its own story and by the end of the tour you will know more about the inspiration and concept behind each image.


Fifteen murals are currently on view, and each tour features more than half of these. The route changes each time to accommodate new murals and is approximately 90 minutes. It is a gentle walk around the village but we ask participants to please wear comfortable shoes. We will end the tour at the Athenaeum. Participants in the tour are responsible for their own safety.


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Wall retrospective: Murals of La Jolla commemorates its first decade with first book (La Jolla Light)

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Join the artists, Art Advisory Committee, book authors, Mural Makers, Mural Members, Wall Sponsors, and Publication Patrons as we debut our new book, Murals of La Jolla, which documents our first ten years and first 30 murals. This is a free event.

A hardbound, 176-page book, it presents the 30 murals, fully documented. The book includes two essays—“La Jolla Views,” by Susan Morgan, and “Reframing a Community: Murals of La Jolla,” by G. James Daichendt; artist biographies; and a map with mural locations.

Foreword by Matt Browar, Introduction by Lynda Forsha
Designed by Leah Roschke, StudioGrafik
Edited by Anne Farrell and Julie Dunn
Photography by Philipp Scholz Rittermann


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Susan Morgan has written extensively about art, design, and cultural biography. Her work has been featured in specialist journals and mainstream magazines—publications as diverse as the Archives of American Art Journal and the New York Times—as well as in exhibition catalogues, artist monographs, and anthologies.


G. James Daichendt serves as a professor of art history and Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities at Point Loma Nazarene University. The author of six books, he writes art criticism and lectures regularly on muralism and street art. Professor Daichendt founded the academic journal Visual Inquiry and is a graduate of Harvard, Boston, and Columbia universities.





Maryanne and Irwin Pfister, Patsy and David Marino. Matt and Nancy Browar, Elizabeth Phelps, Silvana and Alberto Michan, Jake Figi, Alan and Marleigh Gleicher, David Guss and Susanne Lodl , Sofia and Leon Kassel/ Jeval Asset Management, Alex and Laleh Roudi


Murals of La Jolla, founded by the La Jolla Community Foundation, is a project of the Athenaeum. Murals of La Jolla demonstrates that commissioning artists to create works for public spaces brings energy and vitality to a community. The goal of the mural project is to enhance the civic character of the community by commissioning public art projects on private property throughout La Jolla. Murals of La Jolla Art Advisory Committee is composed of the heads of the major visual arts organizations who commission artists to propose the intervention of an image on specific walls on privately owned buildings. The first two artworks by Roy McMakin and Kim MacConnel were painted directly on their sites. Subsequent artworks have been printed on vinyl and installed on billboard-like structures. Each work is on view for a minimum of two years and has been generously funded by private donations


Over the past ten years, large-scale artworks have appeared in a variety of locations throughout the village of La Jolla, some prominently displayed while others are tucked away in more discreet locations. To date, new works by Isaac Julien, Monique van Genderen, Alex Katz, Roman De Salvo, Sandra Cinto, Raul Guerrero, Kota Ezawa, Steven Hull, Heather Gwen Martin, Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia, Byron Kim/Victoria Fu, Terry Allen, Marcos Ramirez ERRE, Mel Bochner, Mark Bradford, Jean Lowe, William Wegman, Kelsey Brookes, Nina Katchadourian, Robert Irwin/Philipp Scholz Rittermann, Catherine Opie, Gajin Fujita, Fred Tomaselli, Julian Opie, Richard Allen Morris, Robert Ginder, Ann Hamilton, Ryan McGinness, John Baldessari, Anya Gallaccio, Roy McMakin, and Kim MacConnel have been installed throughout La Jolla. Eighteen of these have been replaced or temporarily removed. Overall, thirty-three murals have been commissioned since 2010.

Map of the Murals






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To become a Mural Maker or a Mural Member call us today at (858) 454-5872 or download the Printable Membership Form and send it, along with your tax-deductible contribution, to Erika Torri, Joan & Irwin Jacobs Executive Director, at the Athenaeum, located at 1008 Wall Street, La Jolla, CA 92037.




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