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Special Lectures

Joyce Cutler-Shaw Dialogues In Art & Architecture Series:

Debby and Larry Kline

Moderated by Robert Pincus


Thursday, April 25, 2019

All lectures begin at 7:30 PM



In 2015 Debby and Larry Kline succeeded Joyce Cutler-Shaw (per her request) as the new artists-in-residence at the UC San Diego School of Medicine. The residency program, which was established by Joyce Cutler-Shaw in 1992, was the first one of its kind, and through a variety of classes, exhibitions and other projects, the main goal of the residency remains to be building empathy through art.


Debby and Larry Kline are collaborative artists, whose works have been featured in many solo and group exhibitions. The Klines participated in The Center for Land Use Interpretation’s residency program through a grant from UCIRA. They have also been awarded three grants from The Gunk Foundation, NY, and grants from Potrero Nuevo Fund, San Francisco, Center for Cultural Innovation, Los Angeles, and the 2013 San Diego Art Prize and Established Artist Grant. They were featured in an Emmy Award winning episode of ArtPulse TV in 2014 and were awarded the Calzona Prize in 2016, winning a plot of land on the border of California and Arizona, to create earthworks relating to the formation of the Salton Sea. In 2018, they were awarded consecutive artist’s residencies at San Diego Natural History Museum, Torrance Art Museum and UCSD School of Medicine.


“In seeking a title to encapsulate the breadth of our work, we settled on Unscientific Methods and Other Subversive Endeavors. Unscientific Methods quantifies our work in both physical and social sciences.  What we create is directly related to our need to play, which is built into human physiology. We believe that all creativity is based on play, whether developing new technology, advancing science or working as an artist in the studio.  Advances are made by people who take that which exists and twist that bit of knowledge or technology in every way to explore new possibilities.  As artists, we make science that wouldn’t hold up to the scrutiny of scientific methods, but in doing this, we expose new truths. The second descriptive phrase, Other Subversive Endeavors, covers many possibilities. In the end, the goal of our work is to make people think about the world in a new way. To achieve this, we use all tools available to us, including everything from subversion or manipulation meant to undermine authority or change widely held beliefs to the occasional illegal activity. We never choose to engage in illegal activities solely for shock value, but in order to behave in a “socially responsible” way, we sometimes find ourselves operating beyond the limits of the law. We prefer to call it civil disobedience.”

—Debby and Larry Kline



About the series:

Since 1991, Dialogues in Art & Architecture has been a program of free public talks on the experimental edge of new art—particularly across disciplines—and architecture, addressing architectural design, urban planning, public culture, our changing ecology, and the artist’s perspective on these issues, as models of possibilities for the San Diego environment. The series consists of lectures by outstanding professionals of national/international reputation with art critic Robert Pincus as moderator. Previous participants have included architects Kisho Kurokawa, Raoul Bunschoten, and Julie Eizenberg; artists Allan Kaprow, Allan Sekula, and Martha Rosler; writers and social historians David Antin, Mike Davis, and Kevin Starr; and scientists such as Jonas Salk.


The programs are partially underwritten through the Joyce Cutler-Shaw Endowment Fund.


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