New York Forum of Amazigh Film (NYFAF)
Amsagar N Usaru Amazigh G New York Third Edition

Little Theater, LaGuardia Performing Arts Center
LaGuardia Community College
31-10 Thomson Ave, Long Island City 11101
Amazigh Misr, Ahram Canadian University in Egypt (Documentary, Egypt-Canada, 2016, 15mn)
Produced by Egyptian college students for the Festival, this documentary presents the rich history, culture, and language of the Amazigh people of Siwa, an oasis in Egypt’s Western Desert.
Addour, Ahmed Baidou (Feature, Morocco, 2016, 85 min)
Inspired by a true story, this drama portrays the historical resistance of Amazigh people in southern Morocco against French colonialism. We learn of Zaid Ouhmad, a hero whose visage has become an iconic symbol of the struggle for national independence.
Q&A Lucy McNair, Yahya Laayouni (Bloomsburg University), Wafa Bahri (CUNY Graduate Center) with the participation of the film director Ahmed Baidou
Tomast N Teniri, Solimane Salem Khalifa Hman (Documentary, Libya, 2015, 15mn)
A journey into the lives, cultures, and political attitudes of the Amazigh people of the desert in post-revolutionary Libya who were denied expression of their identity and heritage.
Letter to My Sister, Habiba Djenine (Documentary, 2006, Algeria, 78 minutes)
The story of the assassination of Nabila Djahnine, the filmmaker’s sister, the first feminist to be killed by Islamist bullets during the Algerian black decade. What happened ten years later?
Q&A Zakia Salime (Yale University) and Alex Elinson (Hunter College)
Tribute to the Canary Islands Amazigh Film
Maho, Armando Ravelo (short, Canary Island, 2016, 11min)
Set in the Canary Islands before the European conquest, Maho tells the story of an indigenous mother who is about to face the greatest test of her life.
Canarias Amazigh, Antonio Bonny & Pablo Rodríguez (Documentary, Canary Islands, 2017, 65 min).
The most up-to-date approach to the population of the Canaries in pre-Hispanic times. Archaeology shows that the African continent substratum has not completely vanished.
Q&A Ana Maria Hernandez (LaGuardia Community College) and with the participation of the actress Laura Perdomo and the producers Antonio Bonny & Pablo Rodríguez.
Taghori Dessah, Cine Club of Guellela-Djerba (Short, Tunisia, 2017, 2 min)
An attempt to promote and preserve Amazigh pottery in the island of Djerba.
Tamellest, Chahine Berriche (Documentary, Tunisia, 2016, 30 min)
Confronted with hunger and repeated invasions, an Amazigh family in southern Tunisia is forced to lock themselves in a cave with a mud door.
Tassanou Tayrinou, Kamal Hachkar (Documentary, Morocco, 2017, 58 min)
How does one love in Tamazight? Searching for the songs and experiences of love told by Imazighen people across generations, French-Moroccan filmmaker Kamal Hachkar follows the traces of Mririda N’Ait Attik, a famous Amazigh poet known for her audacity to speak freely about love, passion and desire.
Q&A Faical Gouaghou (Lecturer) and Nkosi Bandele (LaGuardia Community College)