Rough Draft 2017







Full of Grace


Written by: Scott Barrow
Directed by: Kelly O'Donnell
Journeys of LGBT Catholics is a docudrama that explores the intersection of faith and sexual identity through the first person accounts of LGBT Catholics.  The play is composed entirely of interviews from over 50 individuals including clergy, religious and lay people spanning in age from 19-85 from across the United States.  The play explore themes such as inclusion and exclusion, self-acceptance and shame, integrity, family, relationships, and marriage as well as individual experiences of God and Church.  These are the untold stories of disciples seeking a place at the table and the fullness of life to which God calls them.








Written by : Melis Aker
Directed by: Isabelle Kettle
In Dearborn MI, racial tension and Islamophobia run high. The disappearance of A Son threatens to rupture the fragile fabric that connects the lives of people around him. This exploration of grief, paranoia and cultural segregation weaves its characters’ memories into their present-day lives as they feel trapped in the trenches of mourning, searching for tangible resolution in an age of digital empathy.








This Boy Cometh to the Mountain


Written by: Joey Merlo Directed by: Taylor Haven Holt
Playwright Joey Merlo hilariously and passionately explores the complexities of family and faith in This Boy Cometh to The Mountain, a new play about a blue-collar family living on the edge of a Brooklyn cemetery. With Death as their muse the Rebera family dances, prays and argues their way through a Sunday that proves itself to be anything but ordinary.









Written & Directed by: Kyoung Park
PILLOWTALK is an intimate two-character drama centered around Sam and Buck, a newlywed interracial gay couple. Using inventive staging incorporating elements of ballet’s pas de deux, PILLOWTALK examines the evolving values of gay marriage and asks: can queer communities of color truly celebrate marriage equality in times of #BlackLivesMatter?