Trouble on the Train or How the Virgin Valley Got Its Name

Directed by Nancy Arnold

Date & Time - Monday Jan 7, Tuesday Jan 8,  and Wednesday, Jan 9 @ 6PM

Location - Mesquite Community Theatre

Casting: 4 Male Leads, 4 Female Leads and multiple non-speaking roles

  • Penny Less – The heroine of the melodrama. In her early thirties, she has taken the Bride Train to Lizard, Nevada, in search of her heart’s desire. She is looking for her Big Bad Cowboy.
  • Rick O’Shea – The Sheriff of Lizard, Nevada and the hero of the melodrama.
  • Ewell Ruddy Day – The villain of the melodrama and local banker.
  • Jack Pott – Jack is the inventor of the one armed bandit who is also looking for a bride.
  • Carrie Okie – Carrie is on the Bride Train hoping to meet the man of her dreams. She is also a gal who believes in the power of her six shooter.
  • Homer Lone – Homer is a local. He is a little hard of hearing and has been communicating with Hedda Cabbage.
  • Hedda Cabbage – A girl in bad need of glasses but she has lost her heart to Homer.
  • Mona Littlemore – The local madam. She has a heart of gold and a good eye for decorating.
  • Non-speaking Roles - Brides, Cowboys, Saloon Girls, Conductor, Townsfolk, etc.


This is a very funny Melodrama written for the Virgin Valley Theatre Group. If you want to have fun in a production this is it! We have Hero's, Heroine's, Ladies of Questional Repute and of course a Villian!