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The Mission of the Memorial Opera House Foundation is to provide opportunities for the community to support the preservation and growth of Memorial Opera House.

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Quality Programming • Our 125+ year old building sprang to life in 1893, and continues to serve its original purpose to this day: to be a gathering place for the community. Our guests can attend a Broadway quality musical or play, a concert, a cabaret, or any of the wonderful programs presented by our Youth Theatre, The LimeLights.

Partnerships • Our Partnerships in the community help us to continue to provide all the benefits of a premier arts center. Our partners include not only resident acts and dining associates, but sponsors, donors, restoration experts, and local government agencies as well.

Historic Preservation • Dedicated as a memorial to veterans of all wars, our building continues to serve its original purpose as a gathering place for the community. We believe in the preservation and growth of this living memorial, and we use theatre and the arts to build our community and create a sense of belonging.

Stellar Performances • Our performers and performances are what set us apart from other community theatres, and why we are one of the premier arts venues in Porter County and the greater Northwest Indiana region. As one of the premier arts venues in Northwest Indiana, we offer five Broadway quality musicals each season.

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Memorial Opera House Foundation is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt, not-for-profit entity.


LimeLights Scholarship Fund

In 2016 LimeLights reached around 50 kids, which was an amazing number when we were just starting out. It has grown immensely since then, and currently we have had over 150 kids come through our doors. However we know of many more who have not been able to walk through our doors because of the cost.

The arts can be expensive. Many families don’t even think about enrolling, due to the costs that normally surround such opportunities. We never want tuition costs to be the reason that a student misses out.

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LimeLights Sponsorship Fund

The LimeLights started to revamp the youth program in 2016. What started as a summer camp has turned into an arts education program that lasts all year long. We pride ourselves on having a diverse set of classes and educators on staff to bring forth any and all elements of art. Each semester has anywhere from 12-16 classes, workshops, and/or productions going on in our space. 

Instructor fees, tuition, supplies, production rights, costumes, props, advertising, scholarship funds, and funding special events for the children are all examples of the costs that go into running a successful children's arts program.

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