Our Youth Theatre Program, The LimeLights focuses on the education, confidence, and creative growth of our youth through hands-on artistic experiences. Whether a child dreams of working as an actor, designer, director, artist, dancer, vocalist or stage manager, our program is designed to ignite their desired passions.

Our classes are created to assist in the progression of our student’s communication, presentation, and teamwork skills, as well as their empathy and confidence. Our staff of coordinators, instructors, and volunteers loves the students and take pride in the work we do at Memorial Opera House. Our little village does all they can to nurture, educate, and assist in the progression of our students.

We see the potential and growth in each one of our students, but there are so many more out there waiting to be a part of this program. With your help, we can make a difference.

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The LimeLights extends a special "THANK YOU" to Drama Notebook for allowing us to use their royalty-free plays "Jabberwocky" and "Dreary to Cheery" in our recent Halloween Night Live event! Please visit their website for information on finding and learning about more great plays for kids!