Founded in 1930, Music Mountain is the longest running summer music festival in the United States.


Nick Gordon at Music MountainJacques Gordon (b. 1899, Odessa, Ukraine– d. 1948, Hartford, CT)

It began as the unique vision of Jacques Gordon, the Chicago Symphony concertmaster from 1921to 1930 and the founding first violinist of the Gordon String Quartet, one of the leading quartets of its time.


Music Mountain and its marvelous setting for both the musicians and the audience is justly famed. The centerpiece is Gordon Hall – one of the finest chamber music halls in the country. With seating for 348 and legendary acoustics, Gordon Hall provides a remarkably clear sound, views of the gardens, grounds and hills from every seat, permitting listeners to savor music and nature as one. The addition of air conditioning and heating has allowed us to extend our season into the spring and fall.


In addition to the concert hall, the Mountain has four houses, each named for an instrument in a string quartet. These are used to house musicians and students in residence at Music Mountain.




Nicholas Gordon, son of Jacques Gordon, led Music Mountain from 1974 to 2017.


Nick always believed the reason that Music Mountain had thrived for so long was that it was consistently faithful to its founder's original goal.



Nicholas Gordon (b. 1928, Chicago, IL – d. 2017, New York City) with his beloved companion, Polo



Oskar Espina-Ruiz was appointed artistic director in 2016 and worked with Mr. Gordon for a year. Today, Mr. Espina-Ruiz and Music Mountain’s dedicated board of managers steer this national treasure.


Our vision for the future is focused on the commitment to chamber music and the string quartet while expanding our education, residency and concert programs providing a range of musical experiences to the community. Music Mountain is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. All donations are tax deductible.





The buildings at Music Mountain form a well-designed community in the Colonial Revival style. They were built by Sears, Roebuck & Company’s pre-fabricated housing division and are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The centerpiece of the Music Mountain campus is air-conditioned Gordon Hall, one of the great, intimate concert halls of this country. Designed to be the analogue of the violin with features mimicking the violin’s form and inner structure, the sound is robust, full bodied and resonant.


Cassatt String Quartet in concert at Gordon Hall. In the background, oil on canvas by Vincent Inconiglios, from Music Mountain’s 2018 Painting Music event.