Kristýna Petišková


Kristýna Petišková was born in 1995 in Prague. At the age of four, she started playing the recorder and piano which she played until she discovered the clarinet at age nine. During her studies at the music school she won several prizes in the Czech competitions and decided to continue her clarinet studies at the Music Gymnasium in Prague where she studied under Milan Polák. During her studies she won prizes at the Czech Conservatories’ competition and at Markneukirchen International Competition for young musicians. She also toured with the Clarinet Factory, and with the European J. Futura Orchestra in Italy. After graduating from the Music Gymnasium with honours in 2013, she has continued her studies at Bard College Conservatory of Music where she has studied under Laura Flax, David Krakauer, Anthony McGill and Pascual Martínez-Forteza. While at Bard, she went on summer tours to Europe (Poland, Slovakia, Czechia, Austria, Germany, Hungary, and Russia) and Cuba with the Bard Conservatory Orchestra. This past summer she was invited to Ireland to take part in the concerts with RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra. Besides pursuing her degree in Music, she has been pursuing her second major in Theater Studies with a focus in playwriting.

Performing at Music Mountain on Sunday, June 9, 2019, 3 PM, Gordon Hall