Our Core Values


At NTMCC, our core values are at the heart of what we do. We draw on these guiding principles as we learn and grow as individual artists, musicians and leaders while becoming valuable contributors to each other and our community.



  1. Love – The Message we sing from our hearts

  2. Truth – The standard for our organization

  3. Self Control – Discipline of our NTMCC team in rehearsals, performances and tours

  4. Harmony –Encouraging and singing in accord with each other

  5. Joy – The deep sense of making music together and building relationships

  6. Passion – The unquenchable desire to become fully focused on a certain pursuit

  7. Perseverance – Teaching our singers to NEVER give up

  8. Kindness – How we lead and communicate

  9. Faithfulness – Our commitment to NTMCC and each choir

  10. Peace – What we strive for in rehearsals and performances

  11. Patience – The calm willingness to show grace in all situations

  12. Service - To aid others through special concerts and activities

  13. Follower/Leader – Teaching the willingness to follow and the courage to lead

  14. Thankfulness – Being intentional in finding the good in every situation


My Personal Commitment and Vision...


My personal commitment to our singers and this organization: To lead by exemplifying truth, respect, commitment, friendship, and service. To understand the great gift our children and youth bring to the world through choral music, leadership, and heartfelt singing.


My vision: To make the world a more unified and noble place for all by inscribing the hearts of our children and youth with the artistic beauty of musical poetry, love, and the Message of the Heart.



I thank God for my passion to make music.
I am thankful for those I will be serving, and I pray that I will always be humble in the process of serving.


Ann Smith
Founder and Artistic Director

North Texas Metroplex Children’s Choirs